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There is no book like this EVER Ive had a uniue perspective over the last 30 years being interested in diet and health since I was 8 years old and very sick This will be the most important book you ever read regarding weight loss and lifestyle abundance

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    I'm a big fan of harley's youtube video's and decided to give his book a read i wish he would have connected a few extra dots for his readers For example while he is clear regarding the value of carbsKg it would have been helpful if he had also told us how many carbs on average are in a particular type of food like the banana obviouslyBut DurianRider is great a breath of fresh air in the dangerously seedy world of nutrition and nutrition advice If you like the 'take no prisoners' approach this is your book If you're looking for a modest well on the one hand but on the other hand approach well Harley's never that person in life and certainly not in his book

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    If you watch Harley channel you know what to expect from this book I could completely connect his video personae and the writing in this book I do appreciate his message and agree with many of his opinions even though his mode of expression is much different than mine I especially agree with his common sense philosophy of working hard for what you want and being kind to the environment around you I also agree with his stance of doing the best you can and being focused on being pure the ridiculous notion of perfectionHe goes over the basic points he discusses in his video and doesn't really refer to actual data and research The entire thing seems to be put together haphazardly and I have a problem taking it seriously What works in video format doesn't in print or e book pixels in this caseI understand he used meme pictures to break up the school seminar style text but it mostly ended up looking ridiculous I did not appreciate the many swearwords I do watch Harley regularly and I know that he does swear but the swearing degrades his book and makes it hard to take him seriously He says he didn't want to make the book sterile and boring but there are just some standards that have to be met Spell checking you work is one of those And sarcasm doesn't translate well to print I don't know why he didn't use Freelee's graphic designer to improve the layout and appearance Sorry to say but these things do matter

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    Highly recommended book for everyone to read who is interested in long term health and fitness I was really skeptic when I found Durianrider on YouTube I thought this is another smartypants who talks disrespectful about other fitness gurus online But he had some funny and very true comments on most of the important topics in fitness than I started to listen to him Than I watched another video than another than I read this book Harley is an amazing guy who is not shy to say it out loud how low carb and steroid diets are poising us and the planet 90% of the fitness gurus are paid by the meat and dairy industry fake and full natty Harley promotes a fully plant based mostly raw additionally added some cooked food vegan diet I can not thank you enough as you were my first inspiration to adapt a vegan diet

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    lost 50 pounds fast eating low fat low salt low protiengoogle the rice diet kempner

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    This book is absolute rubbish and written by an individual who doesn't know the first thing about health The author Harley 'Durianrider' Johnstone has openly admitted to using anabolic steroids search around on YouTube yet looks weak and emaciated I've met Johnstone in person and he is anything but the picture of health rather than give off the vibrant glow of a truly healthy and fit person he looks sickly his skin is leathered and he is alarmingly thin and weak there is footage on YouTube where he is struggling to bench press 66kgAs for this book it is a crass exercise in self promotion by a notorious Internet troll who is uick to insult and defame others yet promptly becomes apoplectic when people dare criticize him And there is much to criticize His dietary methods are dangerous uackery his athletic claims are brazen lies Johnstone boasts of being a competitive cyclist but it appears the only race he has entered was a trans Australia event in which he dropped out after a few days because the going got too tough for himJohnstone's dietary recommendations have brought ill health and even hospitalization to many of those who have foolishly tried them He recommends to eat ungodly amounts of bananas and fruit a strategy that can lead to a life threatening condition known as hyperkalemia ie dangerously elevated blood level of potassium Johnstone himself was hospitalized over 10 years ago as a direct result of his dietary practices a fact he fails to share with readers when enthusiastically pimping his bizarre dietary ideologiesBy the way any female readers considering this book should be aware that Johnstone has described women as a bunch of basic handbag wearing btches He publicly taunted a NSW domestic violence victim on social media calling her a dumb btch and fing doormat loser He has been accused of sexual assault by numerous young girls and one has outright accused him of rape in Thailand Harley Johnstone has a criminal record for vandalismgraffiti in Adelaide South Australia He featured in a news segment after taunting and threatening a motorist in an expletive laden tirade in the Adelaide Hills Johnstone also falsely accused an individual named Anthony Colpo of assault and property damage Despite a complete lack of evidence to support his claims Colpo was arrested in 2017 by the notoriously corrupt South Australia Police Colpo's trial was cut short when the magistrate declared Johnstone's evidence was so appalling the defence had no case to answerHarley Johnstone in short is an individual of extremely dubious character I submit there are far better entities from which to obtain dietary and health informationPS Everything I have written in this review can be verified by doing a little digging around online

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    Durianrider is an absolute legend He helped me get in shape with his no BS approach I see he has a few hater here in the comments section Just google 'Anthony Colpo' to see what a violent psycho Anthony really is Look at Colpo's website to see what a psycho Anthony Colpo really is He was arrested for a violent cowardly attack recentlyMAGISTRATES COURT OF SOUTH AUSTRALIACriminalPOLICE V COLPO ANTHONY FRANCISof Magistrate Fahey 13 March 2020SOUTH AUSTRALIA POLICE APP Y CLEGGANTHONY FRANCIS COLPO MR A MOFFAHearing Dates 13032020File Nos AMC 20 1477 Mr Anthony Colpo the assault to which you pleaded guilty is very seriousThe assault was violent and prolonged and caused injury I think you can be grateful there were not serious injuries involved No form of assault is acceptable Mr Colpo and there is nothing you can tell me which makes this understandable or acceptable In relation to that I am asked not to record a conviction In my view the nature of this assault means I cannot agree to that reuest A serious assault of this nature needs to be acknowledged by a conviction I will record a conviction

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    Durianrider aka Harley Johnstone is a total BOSS when it comes to pulling hot women getting fit and riding your bike epic distancesHe seems to have 2 total psycho stalkers who I even recognised in this review section haha You just have to google Harley Johnstone to find out who his 2 most loyal stalkers are Anthony Colpo and his bff Michael Hebo They are united by both being extremely jealous towards Harley aka Durianrider and it shows in their passionate video edits andor youtube videos about himHarley's grammar isnt all there but his advice and integrity sure are If you want the best advice then Durianrider is the man on the topics of health vegan weight loss cycling running and pulling babesI just hope I don't get stalkers like Harley has

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    Wow Just wow I was given this book to read by a friend of mine and to perfectly honest I wish I hadn't Poorly written a tonne of lifted copywritten material that isn't property of the author and some pseudo science to boot I don't know how this person can justify charging so much for a PDF document

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    This book is like prozac yet better It will motivate you and make you smile but without messing up with your chemistry CTFU offers very natural antidepressant which is fruit exercise and hard work Also reading it convinced me to share with people for which I am thankful Author pours positive energy into you with every word He shows you 'true' 'raw' writing No edits No fake 'perfection' You don't need to worry what others think that much This makes you feel like you're listening to him talking to you directly And also has a nice message I can see that he really cares for reader's world's health and seems like a good person in general Listening to his advice made me feel great and improved my health For example I never really knew that person should care that much about hydration And suddenly I can breeze through my exercise routine without problems Amazing I am not saying it will work for everyone it has worked for me though I do not eat that much as book reuires but keep in mind I do not have that much exercise daily I do yoga and biking sometimes really long walks On these days I try to follow the book but on 'rest' days I do not need that much calories to function All you need is to use your brain while reading and the stuff he says won't be problematic I haven't watched Durianrider much on youtube but after this book I shall watch him Guy is really cool I hope he writes in the future

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    This book is very misleading I myself became very sick when applying the author's health advice I experienced Constant nausea as I have insulin resistance yet he advocates that his principles are for everyone no they are not Not everyone can rely on the amount of fruit as he does as every body is different I felt like I was reading a book authored by a prepubescent boy He evens swears in the disclaimer It was just a waste of money for me