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Faced With Cancer And Financial Ruin, The Civil War S Greatest General And Former President, Ulysses S Grant Wrote His Personal Memoirs To Secure His Family S Future In Doing So He Won Himself A Unique Place In American Letters Acclaimed By Writers As Diverse As Mark Twain And Gertrude Stein, Grant S Memoirs Demonstrate The Intelligence, Intense Determination, And Laconic Modesty That Made Him The Union S Foremost Commander PERSONAL MEMOIRS Is Devoted Almost Entirely To His Life As A Soldier For Their Directness And Clarity, His Writings On War Are Without Rival In American Literature That U.S Grant is telling one of history s great tragic and glorious stories as the key actor would make this book a fine piece in its own right He has a gift for story telling that renders his Personal Memoirs compelling and engrossing One of the best books I have read It is remarkable from several levels First, it is undeniably great history The story of our Civil War is moving enough to leave a tremendous impression upon the reader in Grant s hands Second, this book is a great study in management Grant succeeded where scores failed at similar command levels throughout the Civil War He did due to his knowledge and focus on his mission his ability to conceive plans that served his mission his ability to have alternatives that stayed the course his ability to learn from mistakes and experience his calm in the face of stress and chaos his decisiveness and his willingness to take reasonable risks.This book surprised me by being an excellent management study The lessons which are easy to take away from the book are aplicable to anyone who is faced with mission definition and achievement It should be must reading in MBA programs.Grant s lack of ego is surprising when compared to other Civil War figures and high achievers who have reflected on their lives and actions By not only focusing on things that went right for Grant, the book has a tremendous credibility borne of real life trial and error, frustration, lessons learned and later employed.A great book. No less an eminent man of letters than Mark Twain called Ulysses S Grant s Personal Memoirs the best memoirs of any General s than Caesars Having now read this outstanding work along with those of Julius Caesar, William T Sherman, Dwight D Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Colin Powell and H Norman Schwarzkopf, I must agree with Mark Twain s assessment For sheer honesty, humility, and simple but powerful language, U.S Grant s memoirs are without peer.Grant allows the reader to go along with him and live once again his experiences during the Mexican War and American Civil War He interjects his own judgments and opinions sparingly, yet always honestly Where he feels he made mistakes, he admits them freely, and his criticisms of his colleagues is always tempered by an obvious attitude of professionalism The fact that Grant wrote a memoir of such eloquence while dying from cancer makes it all the powerful a book.I found this modern library edition especially outstanding The introductory notes by Caleb Carr and Geoffrey Perret, while brief, are extremely informative Maps and etchings from the original 1885 Charles Webster Co edition are included, as is General Grant s report to Secretary of War Stanton on Civil War operations during 1864 65 This appendix makes fantastic reading by itself I highly recommend this outstanding edition to all Civil War and military history enthusiasts It is simply the best military memoir I ve ever read.