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[Lesening] ➭ Spotify Teardown: Inside the Black Box of Streaming Music (Mit Press) ➵ Maria Eriksson –

An Innovative Investigation Of The Inner Workings Of Spotify That Traces The Transformation Of Audio Files Into Streamed Experience

6 thoughts on “Spotify Teardown: Inside the Black Box of Streaming Music (Mit Press)

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    It seems, that different people have written different chapters of the book Some parts of the book are written in a completely unreadable manner Sentences that span over 6 10 Rows with a lot of complicated technical expressions If you re familiar with those kind of layeresque writing and tons of highly specialized technical words, you ll be satisfied Honestly, I think a lot of the stuff, described in the book could have been written a lot comprehensible.

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    Smallest type i ve ever seen in a book and the information can leave you a little confused at times, but if you re in the music industry you NEED to know this info Spotify isn t what they claim to be and have become a necessary evil emphasis on evil.If you want to know the inner workings of business Period , then you need to get this book.

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    Every suspicion or speculation I have had about Spotify over the years was revealed in a methodical, thoroughly thought out, well researched way by a team of intellectuals not afraid to play outside the box to gain valuable insight into, not only Spotify, but tech companies that develop platforms running on layers of algorithms, AI and machine learning and what that really means beneath the surface Every music industry professional NEEDS to read this book.

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    More technical than expected Lost the narrative.

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    It tells you what s needed to know about streaming services

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    Absolutely essential read for anyone working in the music industry.