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[ pdf ] Highschool of the Dead, Vol. 6Autor Daisuke Sato –

As The Mall Refugees Grow Restless, Takashi And His Comrades Make Plans To Leave Before Officer Asami S Authority Slides Further And The Group S Order Is Completely Undone Unfortunately, Just As Final Preparations For Their Departure Are Nearly Complete, The Mall S Defenses Are Breached, And They Come Streaming In Asami Joins The Fujimi High Students As They Battle Their Way Toward The Exit, While The Rest Of The Group Seeks Refuge On The Roof Their Fortress Has Become A Trap Can Anyone Hope To Escape The Mall Of The Dead Volume 6 is another good volume to the series In volume 6 things get pretty intense when the mall they are in is no longer a safe place to stay Then Kohta is left with a hard choice to make I would recommend reading this along with the others. As the story progresses this volume is about the disappearing power that the government and law enforcement have over the the budding new world order What once was taken for granted and gave a sense of security is gone and now leaves an uncertain emptiness in its wake.This series is still going strong Between the beautifully done artwork and the thrilling, I can t seem to put this book down for the life of me, story It will hook you and not let you go.If you ve made it this far what s stopping you now yo, so hotd volume 6 is out waiting for number seven if you liked the anime clearly u got to read this i actually like the mangadue to the fact that it gets to the point this volume to me caps off why i think this is a brillant series without giving away too much the characters are faced with a decision which is not to be taken lightly, yet on the other hand the group itself is fighting a tense situation inside its ranks fan service is still here but what i like is that we a gradually moving intoadult zone and tone of the series recommended if you havent read the manga and watched the anime, just note the anime skips, replaces and jumbles the events that occur in the manga. Full color editions of the HOTD series certainly havevisual impact than the b w standard manga editions More great Zombie Horror Action with least sexy Fan Service of all the volumes so far But still another great volume in a Great series A new member joined the Takaki Gang and promptly lost to them while trying to rescue one of the Mall refugees This a true seminal landmark work of the the Zombie genre