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read online Textbooks The American Accent Guide: Comprehsive Training on The American AccentAutor Ph.d Wallia, C J S. –

Comprehensive Training On The American Accent This Program Consists Of A Book With Accompanying Mp Audio On A CD This New Rd Edition Of The American Accent Guide Builds Upon The Successes Of The Previous Editions It Includes Revisions With New Ideas,exercises, And A New, Expanded Section On Word Stress The Methods And Principles Of This Program Are Based On The Belief That The Most Efficient Way To Become A Clear And Effective Speaker In A Non Native Language Is To Gain An Understanding Of The Phonology Sound System Of That Language The American Accent Guideaddresses The Entire Sound System Of American English And Gives Thorough Attention To Each Of Its Elements These Elements Are Intonation Stress Rhythm Individual Vowel Sounds Individual Consonant SoundsThe American Accent Guide Introduces The Elements Of American English Speech In The Most Logical Sequence, Integrating Each Of Them Into Natural Contexts It Takes A Highly Complex System And Makes It Easy To Understand And Makes Learning And Practicing Enjoyable While Practicing New Speech Patterns, The Learner Gains Awareness Of The Underlying Rules Of The American English Sound System And A Wealth Of Skill Building Insights These Insights Facilitate Continued Improvement And Increased Fluency In Standard American EnglishThe American Accent Guide Is Accompanied By Clear Audio Featuring A Mix Of Male And Female Speakers Of Standard American English Audio Track Markers Are Easily Located In Small Circles Throughout The Text The Entire Book Is Available In Audio Form, And The Program Can Be Followed Using The Audio Independently Should The User Wish To Use It That WayThe American Accent Guide Contains A Variety Of Engaging, Interactive Exercises That Use Everyday Language In Situations Ranging From Casual To Technical And From Informal To ProfessionalThe American Accent Guide Is Divided Into Eight Sections Each Section Addresses A Complete And Distinct Aspect Of The American Accent, So The Learner Can Potentially Study Each Part Independently Although Each Section Is Complete In And Of Itself, Exercises Do Reinforce Skills Addressed In Previous Sections This Makes Studying The Program In The Order Presented The Most Effective Way To Both Understand The Concepts And Practice And Improve One S Accent By The End Of The Course, Learners Possess A Clear Idea Of How To Process The American Accent And Have The Basic Speaking Tools Required To Express It They Will Also Be Prepared To Continue Building Their Accent Skills Through Purposeful Listening To The Way That Native Speakers Of American English Communicate Who IsThe American Accent Guide For Typical Users Of The American Accent Guide Include Universities, Colleges, Language Schools, Speech Language Pathologists, ESL Instructors, And Individual Learners The Program Is Appropriate For Students Of All Language Backgrounds, Given That They Possess At Least A Low Intermediate To An Advanced Command Of The English LanguageIn Addition Toarticulate Speech, Learners Attain Better Comprehension, Improved Grammar, An Expanded Vocabulary, And A Better Understanding Of The Speaking Style Of American Culture, Including Many Idiomatic Expressions