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➳ [Lesening] ➶ My Hero Academia, Vol. 3 Nach Kohei Horikoshi ➩ –

From the villains to the sports festival the story is picking up and getting exciting I am loving learningandabout class A I hope to learnabout them as the story progresses Excited to see where they go from here. A Sinister Group Of Villains Has Attacked The First Year UA Students, But Their Real Target Is All Might It S All That Midoriya And His Classmates Can Do To Hold Them Off Until Reinforcements Arrive All Might Joins The Battle To Protect The Kids, But As His Power Runs Out He May Be Forced Into An Extremely Dangerous Bluff For Teen Audiences I like this series My biggest beef is that deku doesn t really use a lot of his powers in this volume Sure, he uses his brain to come up with a great strategy Maybe thats the point, but a whole volume and one full action arc still is unwinding reminds me that this is indeed a shonen manga The character development is real as opposed to contrived by allies saying deku improved I hate when a manga does that This will be a good read, pick it up to finish the amusement park arc, but be aware another arc is just begining. I bought it for my boyfriend for Christmas since we re collecting all the MHA and MHA V volumes It s in great condition. They Look great and came in good condition Plus Ultra This is the volume where things get interesting for those who have watched the anime that is since here we reach the point where the anime stopped and get to know how to story goes on I was super excited to know how things will turn out, how the members of class 1 A are developing To my surprise lots of declaration of rivalry happened but at the same time it makes me happy since this will create the opportunity to get to know them better, in deeper depth.I won t say , not wanting to spoil anything But if you liked the previous two volumes you will like this one too.