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[PDF] ✐ My Hero Academia, Vol. 4 Nach Kohei Horikoshi –

The UA High Sports Festival Is A Chance For The Budding Heroes To Show Their Stuff And Find A Superhero Mentor The Students Have Already Struggled Through A Grueling Preliminary Round, But Now They Have To Team Up To Prove They Re Capable Of Moving On To The Next Stage The Whole Country Is Watching, And So Are The Shadowy Forces That Attacked The Academy For Teen Audiences

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    This volume was really entertaining The sports festival is raging on and its not your ordinary sports festival mind you Teamwork is tested as well as individual skills By now I have a new favorite a bit problematic character next to Midoriya which would be Todoroki He is strong, but at the same time we barely know anything about him or his past Mysterious What s , he seems to be determined to win against Midoriya which gives an amazing opportunity for Midoriya to come up with strategies ways to win on his own since he still can t really control his own power just yet.It ends with a big cliffhanger, and I am sure I would have thrown the book across the room if I didn t have volume 5 at hand to continue reading lmao XD

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    They Look great and came in good condition Plus Ultra

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    I am reading Vol.1 now, and have Vols 1 through 4 Just ordered 5 through 9 Being a fan of the TV series, I find these books follow the story well The book enables character development The Right To Left reading format is odd to us in the USA, but having a coupge of Miyazaki s books, I am familiar with this I consider this book series good entertainment for Manga Anime fans.

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    With the big 3 dying off except for One piece this will be sure to claim a spot on the throne I REFUSE to read online and get excited when my new volumes come in This series, is the next big thing.As for this volume, it was great Awesome development, and we learn a lot about the characters, including Deku s new rival Buy this if you love manga

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    Incredibly addictive Manga Anime with Detailed Animation.Get This Manga If your a Fan of Naruto,Bleach,DBZ,One Piece or Yu Yu HakushoThis Manga and Anome Series seem to be here for good with good reviews and ratings expect Multiple Seasons at least 1 a Year