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[[ Kostenlos Audible ]] Behind the Scenes!! Volume 2Autor Bisco Hatori –

Ranmaru Kurisu Comes From A Family Of Hardy, Rough And Tumble Fisherfolk And He Sticks Out At Home Like A Delicate, Artistic Sore Thumb It S Given Him A Raging Inferiority Complex And A Permanently Pessimistic Outlook Now That He S In College, He S Hoping To Find A Sense Of Belonging But After A Whole Life Of Being Left Out, Does He Even Know How To Fit In For Teen Audiences

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    Cute, if insubstantial, story by the author of Ouran I Actually prefer this to Ouran, as I found Ouran to be somewhat juvenile, and occasionally too shoujo at times This story takes place in college among an arts crafts type group, and provides some very interesting information on behind the scenes crafting.This volume continues the main story and delves a bit into some character s back stories.

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    If you enjoyed reading Ouran Host Club and follow manga authors, then give th u s mAnga a try The story us just getting going but I think it s worth a read

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    Love it

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    4 5 Contains light spoilers There s no way that I m not going to love this series Zero percent chance of that ever happening, seriously.In this volume, we get to know a couple of the other characters a little better We see that Maasa wants a boyfriend, why, but that it s not quite as important to her as other things And that her main problem is her fascination with gory stuff Soh, Ranmaru s cousin, is under a lot of pressure to be perfect from her classmates, only to find out that she has about as much self confidence as Ranmaru And finally Izumi, whom everyone loves, but no one really understands when they get to know him He s aloof and never thinks of himself He s a nice guy.I also enjoyed seeing how Ranmaru is ignoring his feelings for Ruka, but how they re affecting him anyway I love the gang of characters here, and look forward to getting to know the other as well The humor works great for me, the setting with all the behind the scenes plays and sets is really interesting to me, and I m just having a lot of fun with this series.Always looking forward to .A review copy was provided by the publisher, VIZ Media, for an honest review Thank you so, so much More of my reviews are available on my blog, Geeky Reading, to which there s a link on my profile.

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    Bisco Hatori of Ouran High School Host Club fame has a new series Ranmaru is a super pessimist who ruins everything, but hopes to change that in college When he runs afoul of one of the many movie clubs while filming on campus, he encounters a mysterious drama group, the Art Squad Forced out of his comfort zone in the most dramatic way possible, Ranmaru is finally able to use those artistic skills that make him feel so inferior back home Along the way he comes to admire each member of his new family This is a review of volumes 1 2 which I read together back to back See the plot section for my thoughts on the individual volumes.I totally didn t realize that Ouran Host Club was already over HOWWW Well, Bisco Hatori is not one to sit around No she jumped right into a new series and Behind the Scenes vol 1 2 is about college I love that she s taken on an older character set but still stayed with a coming of age environment And I was super happy to see Ranmaru is so, so different from Haruhi as the most unconfident of persons he creates a totally different vibe for us to explore Right away I was as drawn to the art squad as Ranmaru was and yes, it was because of Ryuji Goda, the club president He is a bit of a bully but is so super confident that its fun in an overbearing wayI really love how Behind the Scenes vol 1 2 focused on Ranmaru and what he brings to the table of the art squad Bisco Hatori has always used a short story sort of narrative flow and that doesn t change here We start by meeting directors and the squad jumps in to save their movies in different ways and Ranmaru is allowed to shine for us Then as the squad starts to close around Ranmaru to lock him into their club clutches we start to meet the team members and get to know them It becomes about than movie sets as the squad uses their skills to help a girl being stalked and we even see them help out his perfectionist cousin, Soh Behind the Scenes vol 1 2 was a roller coaster of emotions as we see Ranmaru start to get comfortable with the Art Squad I wouldn t say there is much tension even though I enjoyed it immensely There doesn t seem to be any loverly relationships forming quite yet and actually I kind of like that College should be all fun and friendships that last a really long time I can see though that there are possible directions to go for the romance side I m not invested in those quite yet, but I DO totally care about Ryuji, Ruka, Izumi, Maasa and Tomu Behind the Scenes vol 1 2 is certainly a love story to Bisco Hatori character creation I LOVED the art and all the details that give the Art Squad life and richness I feel like the way she frames the action has actually improved in this series and love that the humorous bits take up of the page and its balanced between the dramatic moments and the outrageous reactions The characters though are where this series rocks they are so different but all bring unique skills and heart to the team.Behind the Scenes vol 1 2 is so fun I love Ranmaru and the entire Art Squad and want to see of their movie magic and how they apply all of their skills to their real life efforts This is totally different from The Ouran High School Host Club while banking on Bisco Hatori s BEST skills I can t wait to jump into the next volume of Behind the Scenes