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{Kostenlos kindle} Midnight Stranger Volume 1Autor Bohra Naono –

Roy, A Black Goat Spirit, Is Getting Bullied When Out Of Nowhere He S Rescued By The Beautiful Fire God Siu Siu Gives Roy The Ability To Take Human Form, And A Grateful Roy Decides To Serve Siu As His New Master Now By Siu S Side Every Day, Roy Wishes To Becomethan Just His Servant Painfully Aware Of Just How Ugly He Is, Roy Believes Siu Could Never Care About Him, And One Day Something Happens To Bring Siu S Wrath Down On Roy What Must He Do To Curry The Fire God S Favor For Mature AudiencesBohra Naono Has Created OverManga, Some Of Which Have Been Adapted Into Drama CDs She Has Also Published Doujinshi Independent Comics Under The Pen Name Of NAIFU Bohra Naono S Previous English Language Releases Include Yokai S Hunger And Three Wolves Mountain A Native Of Oita, She Is A Gemini With An A Blood Type Who Loves Chinese Tea And Is Obsessed With The Neighborhood Yakiniku Restaurant To Find Outabout Bohra Naono, Visit Her Website At Bnlyz