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Natsume's Book of Friends, Vol. 22 ePUB –

Takashi Natsume Has Always Been Aware Of The Supernatural World, But After He Inherits A Magical Book From His Grandmother, The Supernatural World Is Aware Of Him Takashi Natsume Can See The Spirits And Demons That Hide From The Rest Of Humanity He Has Always Been Set Apart From Other People Because Of His Gift, Drifting From Relative To Relative, Never Fitting In Now He S A Troubled High School Student Who Has Come To Live In The Small Town Where His Grandmother Grew Up And There He Discovers That He Has Inheritedthan Just The Sight From The Mysterious ReikoNatsume And His Friends Are Visiting An Old Inn To See A Yokai Exhibition, But A Sudden Storm Extends Their Visit Into An Overnight Stay All Should Be Well, Since The Inn Has A Charmed Door Curtain That Welcomes Good Spirits And Keeps Out The Bad But Tonight Of All Nights, They Forget To Put It Out Can Natsume And His Friends Protect The Inn Without Endangering The Friendly Local Yokai