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20th Century Boys: The Perfect Edition, Vol. 4 books –

A Deluxe Bind Up Edition Of Naoki Urasawa S Award Winning Epic Of Doomsday Cults, Giant Robots And A Group Of Friends Trying To Save The World From Destruction Humanity, Having Faced Extinction At The End Of The Th Century, Would Not Have Entered The New Millennium If It Weren T For Them In , During Their Youth, They Created A Symbol In , As The Coming Disaster Slowly Starts To Unfold, That Symbol Returns This Is The Story Of A Group Of Boys Who Try To Save The World In The Middle Of The Tokyo Bay, A Man Known As Shogun Has Escaped From Umihotaru Prison, A Place Feared By Criminals And Convicts As An Inescapable Iron Fort, In Order To Save The World He Heads Off To Tokyo, The City Where The Girl Known As The Last Hope Lives But The Streets Of Tokyo Are In Turmoil After A Murder In Chinatown Triggers A Chain Reaction Of Terror The Time Has Come For The False Peace Created By The Friend To Be Exposed What Is The Truth Behind The Historic Disaster On The Last Day Of Th Century

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    Super Band, wie anderen davor auch

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    I am hoping this was just an error for my book alone but pages 329 to around 378 are flipped upside down, forcing me to flip to the back of the book and turn it upside down to continue reading.Other than this defect, the story is great as always No complaints therejust Viz s quality control.

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    This is one of those stories like Lost which could get frustrating because of how many mysteries it keeps adding to the plot without fully revealing answers to the previous ones However, each new twist and turn is incredibly delightful, and keeps you telling yourself okay, just one chapter before I go to sleep I find myself enjoying the ride so much that I don t even get annoyed at how little information gets chipped away from the larger mystery in each installment There are times I am tempted to switch to the previous editions of the series so I can find out what happens next, but so far I ve been able to use self restraint because these perfect editions are so beautiful and well worth the wait I particularly liked the disturbing Friend Land subplot in this volume.

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    I flipped through the pages and did not notice anything upside down like prior reviews have stated If I find it eventually while reading I will amend the review.

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    I also received a copy of this volume with around 50 pages bounded upside down I am in the process of returning it for a replacement.

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    50 pages are flipped and out of order In the same place as other reviewers.