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eBook 20th Century Boys: The Perfect Edition, Vol. 8 –

A Deluxe Bind Up Edition Of Naoki Urasawa S Award Winning Epic Of Doomsday Cults, Giant Robots And A Group Of Friends Trying To Save The World From Destruction Humanity, Having Faced Extinction At The End Of The Th Century, Would Not Have Entered The New Millennium If It Weren T For Them In , During Their Youth, They Created A Symbol In , As The Coming Disaster Slowly Starts To Unfold, That Symbol Returns This Is The Story Of A Group Of Boys Who Try To Save The WorldEvil Has Come Justice Has Yet To ArriveWhile An Unknown Virus Spreads And Cripples The World With Fear, TheWorld Expo Prepares To Start, Serving As A Beacon Of Hope In A Dark World But How Can Our Heroes Remain Hopeful As Strange Rumors Start To Spread Between Sightings Of The Recently Deceased Friend Walking The Streets Of Japan And Rumors Of An Assassination Attempt On The Pope, All Signs Point Towards An Eventful Opening Ceremony For TheWorld Expo