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[books] Elfen Lied Omnibus Volume 2Autor Lynn Okamoto –

If you have the first omnibus, you basically know what this is about Otherwise, great quality, good story, looking forward to omnibus 3 No color though . This manga is for my son He loves anime and this series is one that he has been wanting for awhile I got it for him for christmas and cant wait for him to get it. I appreciate an english version of this series but, thisbook is NOT well made I feel like it will completely fall apart half way reading it. These books are amazing It s such a dark story, so sad too But wildly entertaining I can t wait to get the next one The Ruthless Soldier Bando Pursues Nyu S Alter Ego Lucy With Vengeance After He Receives Bionic Prosthetic Replacements As A Result Of Their Gruesome BattleMeanwhile, Lucy Recalls Her Buried, Tragic Memories As A Diclonius Child To Worsen The Situation, Chief Kakuzawa Orders A Diclonius Named Mariko To Kill Nana And Return Lucy To The Research Facility Lynn Okamoto S Beloved Series Is Now Available In English For The Very First Time, Presented Here In A Special Omnibus Collecting Three Volumes In One Collects Japanese Elfen Lied Volumes