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Gantz Omnibus Volume 4 –

Hiroya Oku S Gantz Is An Adult Science Fiction Manga Sensation, Selling Over Fifteen Million Copies In Japan And Generating An Anime TV Series And Three Feature Films Visually Spectacular, Shockingly Violent, And Singularly Horrifying, Gantz Is A Relentless Fever Dream Of Consummate Skill And Fiendish Imagination This Value Priced Omnibus Collection FeaturesPages Of Havoc And Horror Kei Kurono S Work As A Gantz Alien Fighter Is A Hellish Nightmare, But His Life As A High School Student Is Looking Up, With A New Ladylove Opening His Heart But When His Beloved Is Threatened By A Gantz Obsessed Schoolmate On A Shooting Rampage, Kei Must Face The Murderous Student Without His Gantz Suit For Protection Collects Gantz Individual Volumes , , And

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    This omnibus serves as a breather of sorts from the Gantz games of the past three The bulk of it stays in the real world to introduce and develop new characters while also continuing Kurono s struggle at a normal life I applaud Oku for the grounded direction as it further enriched the already amazing tale Beautiful art, captivating characters, and the ever elusive truth of Gantz will leave you wanting .

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    Excellent series The storyline is creative and the art is phenomenal Buy it.