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kindle xxxHOLiC Omnibus 6 Nach CLAMP –

AS YOU WISH Yuko Is Gone And Only Remembered By A Small Few Because Of Her Disappearance, Watanuki Takes It Upon Himself To Run Yukos Wish Granting Shop And Vows To Never Leave It Still Inexperienced, He Dedicates Himself To Helping Everyone That Stops By His Shopincluding The One That Ate His Right Eye Watanuki Also Must Take Special Care Not To Get Himself Punished For Assigning The Wrong Price For Granting A Wish How Long Will He Allow Himself To Perform Yukos Work Will She Ever Return This Omnibus Edition Includes Volumes Of XXXHOLiC

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    Watanuki San is learning how to run the Wish Granting Shop in place of Yuko San He is keeping it open for Yuko for when she returns Domeki remains a loyal friend and is able to visit the Shop while still living in the human world Watanuki chan is evolving to be and like his mentor Yuko san.

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    Good story, good art, as usual Nice to see that the characters are being continued in the Rei manga.

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