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THE CURTAINS RISE The Student Council Play Has Finally Begun Who Will Touko S Character Choose To Be At The End And How Will Touko Herself Feel When The Play Is Over And Her Dearest Wish Has Been Realized

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    The curtain rises on the day of the festival, and the only thing in peoples minds is the student council play In front of a packed house which includes parents, other students, and a few special guests, the student council puts on a performance that will be the talk of the festival So much that Toukou gets a surprise invitation But that is not all that changes, as Yuu begins to realize where her heart wishes to be But words are put on hold until after midterms, when one day later as the two are talking about the upcoming student trip that the second years will be going on when Yuu says three words to Toukou..and those three words will change everything between the girls.While the whole series has been amazing, this one truly has a several pivotal moments for our main characters For one of them the play finally allows her to put to rest something that she felt needed to be done and the other to realize that there could be something Then of course the main point of revelation, how will one of the girls respond when what she wanted to hear most is said and what will she do after this story is really picking up, now i just wish it wasn t so long to the next volume because it really ended at the right moment and is leading us to probably the most emotional part of the story because the third person will probably make her move soon.

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    One of my favorite manga I ve made other reviews and I would just be repeating myself I like how this series, at least to this point, has boundaries and nothing makes me uncomfortable.

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    I am super excited for volume seven Yuu and Nanami have changed so much thru their friendships and relationship, I expect big developments soon.

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    Things are getting complicated as feelings are revealed Nothing can stay the same no matter how hard our heroines try

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    I am gone scream and cry, what is this ending This cliffhanger, this is killing me Is horrible but it made sense