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I am torn between a Sakura and kamiyama I like them both for Mitsuki I have been kind of rooting for Kamiyama for Mitsuki Can t wait for volume 12 A Sweet Shojo Story Of A Soft Spoken High School Freshman And Her Quest To Make Friends, Waiting For Spring Will Delight Fans Of Earnest, Fun, And Dramatic Shojo Like Kimi Ni Todoke And Say I Love YouE NEW TEAM TOURNAMENTIt S Time For The New Team Tournament, And The Stakes Are High If Seiryo Wins, The Basketball Team S Ban On Dating Will Be Lifted, And If Mitsuki Agrees, She And Towa Can Finally Be An Official Couple But Then, Towa Has A Dream That He Misses A Crucial Shot And Loses To Aya Could It Be An Omen