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A Yaoi Romance Between A Good Boy Who Didn T Know He Was Waiting For A Hero, And A Bad Boy Who Comes To His Rescue Now A Hit Streaming Anime More And MoreKousuke Surprises Masahiro By Inviting Him Out On A Spur Of The Moment Road Trip And When They Arrive At The Hot Springs, Things Get Pretty Steamy As Masahiro Gets To Know How Deep Kousuke S Love Is For Him, He Also Begins To Wonder About What He S Missing, As Kousuke S Mysterious Past Tugs At Him Meanwhile, Dark Clouds Loom Over Asaya And Kensuke S Relationship Good read if I had not already watched the anime, I d be confused about this one character I love this series and was counting down to the day this volume comes out I have so many More questions after reading this I was so drawn in I literally finished this in fifteen minutes I liked That Hasekura and Kensuke s relationship is really highlighted in this volume I was screaming NO HASEKURA towards the end I just hate that I have to wait a couplemonths for the next volume. This series is amazing And just keeps getting better Thank you Sensei