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Kostenlos kindle Classmates Vol. 2: Sotsu gyo sei (Winter) (Classmates: Dou Kyu Sei)Autor Asumiko Nakamura –

SHELTER FROM THE COLDThough Rihito S Always Been A Loner, Lately He S Grown Close To His Classmate, Hikaru The Two Of Them Have Even Fallen In Love And Tentatively Started Dating But When Rihito S Mother Ends Up In The Hospital, The Stress Of It All Becomes Too Much For Him Hikaru Wants To Be There For Rihito, But Can Rihito Learn To Open His Heart And Rely On Another Person

2 thoughts on “Classmates Vol. 2: Sotsu gyo sei (Winter) (Classmates: Dou Kyu Sei)

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    Sensei s art is like water or wind is constantly pulling at each page The way she draws clothes and hair just flows It s breath taking I can t wait for the next volume

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    It takes some time to get used to the art but the story is really great.