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[ Lesen ] We Never Learn, Vol. 1Autor Taishi Tsutsui –

When Studious Nariyuki Tutors Two Supergeniuses Who Are Total Dunces In Their Favorite Subjects, He Ll Get A Crash Course In Love Nariyuki Yuiga Comes From An Impoverished Family, So He S Eager To Secure A Full Scholarship To College When He Graduates High School His Principal Agrees, With One Stipulation He Must Tutor The Two Smartest Girls At The School And Make Sure They Get Into Their Target Colleges Rizu Is A Science Genius Who Wants To Study Liberal Arts Fumino Is Effortlessly Good At Literature, But Math Makes Her Head Spin Nariyuki Is Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place, But Who Can Complain About Tutoring A Couple Of Cute Girls Nariyuki Is Facing The Chance Of A Lifetime If He Can Just Make Sure That Fumino And Rizu Excel And Get Into The Schools They Want To Attend He Comes Prepared To Tutor Them, But He Isn T Prepared For Burgeoning High School Romance Sparks Begin To Fly, No Matter How Much Nariyuki Tries To Avoid It And Things Get Even Complicated When A Third Girl Joins The Study Group

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    I sent it to a friend in jail, he likes it

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    This rom com is right up my alley But the point I want to make is about the artwork Reading this series, I feel like I did the first time I read Love Hina The girls are all so pretty, in every frame Or my kind of moe Really expressive faces and each character has its own unique set of moods I enjoy comparing the facial expressions of Rizu and Fumino as they react to the same situation.After reading each one, I turned around and re read it immediately that is how much I enjoyed it And in the past month I ve re read vol 1 and 2 at least a couple times so I could study the artwork It is a pleasure just to look at the pictures.IMO, the two artists that are best at drawing girls are Ken Akamatsu recently, of UQHolder and K suke Fujishima most famously, Oh My goddess Every manga they have drawn feature girls whose images are super attractive Now I wil add a third artist to my list, Taishi Tsutsui Every page is eye candy.

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    The appeal of We Never Learn as a series is that it s the most inoffensive harem series ever While there is fanservice, it s never too much, the main protagonist is a nice boy, and all of the girls have great character development We Never Learn is the only harem series I ve enjoyed outside of Ranma 1 2, so if you typically don t like harem series, give this one a try A great surprise

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    This is a great manga with a great cast of charecters and alot of funny moments as well It is also very relatable for anyone that has struggled with studying and the characters really come alive after just a few chapters.

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    I ve been watching the anime and decided to read the manga Art is fantastic and I can t wait to see how the antics continue after the anime ends.