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❮Herunterladen❯ ➽ Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Vol. 10 ➽ Autor aka akasaka –

Fun volume telling the story of everyone s time during the run up to the most anticipated story arc in the series. Two High School Geniuses Scheme To Get The Other To Confess Their Love First Two Geniuses Two Brains Two Hearts One Battle Who Will Confess Their Love First Will Hayasaka Prove To Kaguya That She Can Win Miyuki S Heart After Allwhile Singing Karaoke Then The Student Council Engages In Some Competitive Cooking Yu Tries To Spare Miko The Embarrassment Of The Others Discovering That She Likes To Listen To Sexy Voice Actors Whisper Sweet Nothings And Kaguya Declines To Participate In A Group Date Involving Miyuki With A Predictable Impact On Her Mental Stability At Some Point, You Ve Got To Upgrade Your Phone Amazing series and I am so thrilled to own 10 The book came in great condition and fits with the rest of the series nicely please note that shounen jump changed their logo so 9 and 10 in the series have a different logo It s in the title If you ve stuck around for this long, it sof the same, with the same level of plot progression Kaguya and the Prez get closer, Chika s still cute, relationship problems happen, same old.Except that Hayasaka is finally getting the attention she deserves As best girl, she finally gets a whole 2 chapters this time to be expanded on Of course, it s not enough if the whole series was nothing but Hayasaka, it would not be enough but Love is War continues to be a heartwarming break from all the serious stuff in life. Nothing is quite as annoying as a great work put into the hands of fools who don t know how to proof read Is it truly so hard to have someone read a small manga one can finish in a few hours to check for errors A character addresses another character by completely the wrong name One paragraph is the same as the one proceeding it, with clearly the wrong image to go with it The worst part is that the panel they screwed up was the punchline.In a way it s incredible This series has been marred by errors and gaffs and the people doing the translation continue to screw up, despite having nine other proceeding issues before this one.It s a damn shame that this great manga continues to be bogged down by fools who can t double check their work.