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eBook Don't Be Cruel, Vol. 8 –

When A Playboy Falls For A Nerd, Chemistry Results In An Explosive Reaction Playboy Maya Catches Studious Nemugasa Cheating On A Test, And To Ensure His Silence, Maya Blackmails Nemugasa Into Doing Whatever He Wants But Is This Merely Just A Ruse So Maya Can Spend Alone Time With Him It S Been A While Since Maya And Nemu Have Had Any Alone Time, So They Can T Help But Go A Little Overboard When They Finally See Each Other But Later That Same Night When Maya S Friend Ruka Has A Severe Asthma Attack, Maya Sneaks Out To Help Him, And When Nemu Asks Him The Next Morning Where He Went, Maya Quickly Changes The Subject Is A Bad Habit From Maya S Playboy Days Rearing Its Ugly Head And What Will Nemu Do When He Finds Out The Truth

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    From a smutty, little one shot, this has grown into a masterpiece The art is exquisite and hot , and the story line starts off in volume one as typical shallow teenage drama, to this volume as a evolving, maturing relationship There is not a manga out there with better art, nor one with a better story line The subtle way it delicately changes over these volumes amazes me to no end, and yes, it still manages to be hella steamy Cannot wait for the next volume

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    Book is sturdy, print is crisp and all the pages are even and flush I d give a review of the story, but if you re looking at the volume 8 reviews to see that, you re a little late, lol Go check out the volume 1 reviews.

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    Just as good as all the other s from the main to the supporting characters it s such a joy to read about each one And what new trails and tribulations lay in wait for Maya and Nemu Waiting patiently for the next installment.

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    This one is profound than the earlier ones It s starting to get into the keep the relationship going after the first couple of years trope that a lot of manga have I really enjoyed it