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Lesen Lesening Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 22Autor Mizuho Kusanagi –

A Red Haired Princess Loses Her Family And Her Kingdom Now She Must Rise And Fight For Her Throne Princess Yona Lives An Ideal Life As The Only Princess Of Her Kingdom Doted On By Her Father, The King, And Protected By Her Faithful Guard Hak, She Cherishes The Time Spent With The Man She Loves, Su Won But Everything Changes On Her Th Birthday When Tragedy Strikes Her Family The Mission To Rescue Yona And Riri From Sei Leads To Reunions And Revelations Who Is Riri S Secret Crush And Has Yona Come To Realize Her Feelings For Hak Later, Masked Visitors From The Nation Of Xing Beckon Yona And The Dragon Warriors To Meet Their Leader