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Kostenlos ePUB Sapiens: A Brief History of HumankindAutor Yuval Noah Harari –

AnBest Book Of The Month For February Yuval Noah Harari Has Some Questions Among The Biggest How Did Homo Sapiens Or Homo Sapiens Sapiens , If Youre Feeling Especially Wise Today Evolve From An Unexceptional Savannah Dwelling Primate To Become The Dominant Force On The Planet, Emerging As The Lone Survivor Out Of Six Distinct, Competing Hominid Species He Also Has Some Answers, And Theyre Not What Youd Expect Tackling Evolutionary Concepts From A Historians Perspective, Sapiens A Brief History Of Humankind, Describes Human Development Through A Framework Of Three Not Necessarily Orthodox Revolutions The Cognitive, The Agricultural, And The Scientific His Ideas Are Interesting And Often Amusing Why Have Humans Managed To Build Astonishingly Large Populations When Other Primate Groups Top Out At Individuals Because Our Talent For Gossip Allows Us To Build Networks In Societies Too Large For Personal Relationships Between Everyone, And Our Universally Accepted Imagined Realities Such As Money, Religion, And Limited Liability Corporationskeep Us In Line Who Cultivated Whom, Humans Or Wheat Wheat Though The Concepts Are Unusual And Sometimes Heavy As Is The Book, Literally Hararis Deft Prose And Wry, Subversive Humor Make Quick Work Of Material Prone To Academic Tedium Hes Written A Book Of Popular Nonfiction It Was A Bestseller Overseas, No Doubt In Part Because His Conclusions Draw Controversy Landing Somewhere In The Middle Of A Venn Diagram Of Genetics, Sociology, And History Throughout, Harari Returns Frequently To Another Question Does All This Progress Make Us Happier, Our Lives Easier The Answer Might Disappoint You Jon ForoI Nteresting And ProvocativeIt Gives You A Sense Of Perspective On How Briefly Weve Been On This Earth, How Short Things Like Agriculture And Science Have Been Around, And Why It Makes Sense For Us To Not Take Them For Granted President Barack Obama I Would Recommend This Book To Anyone Interested In A Fun, Engaging Look At Early Human Historyyoull Have A Hard Time Putting It Down Bill Gates Thank God Someone Finally Wrote This Exact Book Sebastian Junger Sapiens Tackles The Biggest Questions Of History And Of The Modern World, And It Is Written In Unforgettably Vivid Language Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Of Guns, Germs, And Steel, Collapse, And The World Until Yesterday Sapiens Takes Readers On A Sweeping Tour Of The History Of Our Species Hararis Formidable Intellect Sheds Light On The Biggest Breakthroughs In The Human Storyimportant Reading For Serious Minded, Self Reflective Sapiens Washington Post Sapiens Is Learned, Thought Provoking And Crisply Written Fascinating Wall Street Journal In Sapiens, Harari Delves Deep Into Our History As A Species To Help Us Understand Who We Are And What Made Us This Way An Engrossing Read Dan Ariely, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Predictably Irrational, The Upside Of Irrationality, And The Honest Truth About Dishonesty Yuval Noah Hararis Celebrated Sapiens Does For Human Evolution What Stephen Hawkings A Brief History Of Time Did For Physics He Does A Superb Job Of Outlining Our Slow Emergence And Eventual Domination Of The Planet Forbes It Is One Of The Best Accounts By A Homo Sapiens Of The Unlikely Story Of Our Violent, Accomplished SpeciesIt Is One Hell Of A Story And It Has Seldom Been Told Better Compulsively Readable And Impossibly Learned Michael Gerson, Washington Post This Was The Most Surprising And Thought Provoking Book I Read This Year Atlantic Yuval Noah Hararis Full Throated Review Of Our Species May Have Been Blurbed By Jared Diamond, But Hararis Conclusions Are At Once Balder And Less Tendentious Than That Of His Famous Colleague New York Magazine This Title Is One Of The Exceptional Works Of Nonfiction That Is Both Highly Intellectual And Compulsively Readable A Fascinating, Hearty Read Library Journal Starred Review An Encyclopedic Approach From A Well Versed Scholar Who Is Concise But Eloquent, Both Skeptical And Opinionated, And Open Enough To Entertain Competing Points Of ViewThe Great Debates Of History Aired Out With Satisfying Vigor Kirkus Reviews Starred Review Writing With Wit And Verve, Harariattempts To Explain How Homo Sapiens Came To Be The Dominant Species On Earth As Well As The Sole Representative Of The Human Genus Provocative And Entertaining Publishers Weekly The Most Idea Packed Work Of Non Fiction Ive Read In Years Dick Meyer, Abcactionnews In This Sweeping Look At The History Of Humans, Harari Offers Readers The Chance To Reconsider, Well, Everything, From A Look At Why Homo Sapiens Endured To A Compelling Discussion Of How Society Organizes Itself Through Fictions Booklist Best Books Of The Year Its Not Often That A Book Offers Readers The Possibility To Reconsider, Well, Everything But Thats What Harari Does In This Sweeping Look At The History Of Humans Readers Of Every Stripe Should Put This At The Top Of Their Reading Lists Thinking Has Never Been So Enjoyable Booklist Starred Review The Sort Of Book That Sweeps The Cobwebs Out Of Your Brain Harariis An Intellectual Acrobat Whose Logical Leaps Will Have You Gasping With Admiration John Carey, Sunday Times London Hararis Account Of How We Conquered The Earth Astonishes With Its Scope And Imagination One Of Those Rare Books That Lives Up To The Publishers Blurbbrilliantly Clear, Witty And Erudite Ben Shepard, The Observer London An Absorbing, Provocative History Of Civilizationpacked With Heretical Thinking And Surprising Facts This Riveting, Myth Busting Book Cannot Be Summarisedyou Will Simply Have To Read It John Gray, Financial Times London Full Ofhigh Perspective, Shocking And Wondrous Stories, As Well As Strange Theories And Startling Insights Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times Not Only Is Harari Eloquent And Humane, He Is Often Wonderfully, Mordantly Funny The Independent London Engaging And Informative Extremely Interesting Guardian London Harari Can Writereally, Really Write, With Wit, Clarity, Elegance, And A Wonderful Eye For Metaphor The Times Ireland