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    Way beyond expectation This is an action packed love story manga where all the characters are in romantic, frequently intimate off screen sex , relationships ranging from pure love couples to players who are interested in only friends with benefits This is a romance manga, no explicit sex but some scenes under covers, PG The focus is on the different kinds of love relationships that high schoolers find themselves getting into.This manga has its share of comedic relief and is fun to read The relationships are mostly realistic There is joy, heartbreak, awkward comedy, the whole gamut The characters actually progress starting out as wild kids in one way or another, and gradually learning to get along with one another Like when an immature character proposes casual sex to his latest interest, he gets turned down so fast it makes him dizzy This is a growth experience for him Not every girl wants a meaningless relationship Before long, he discovers a desire for a serious relationship with a real girlfriend, exclusive of all other girls.The protagonist Mei has some funny weird hang ups and needs a lot of persuasion to even start going out with the eager, popular boy that fancies her As a boyfriend, Yamato pulls his weight and cuts off relationships with other girls, but can he really be trusted He s truthful about being horny, and wants to sleep with Mei but isn t pushing her How can Mei know if this would deepen their relationship or just spoil it I love this story because it is so realistic about high school romance today Some kids start sex early, some later, and for all sorts of different reasons Unlike many manga where a kiss is the euphemism for the act, this series says it like it is It is entertaining, funny, and compelling.The art work is good, but thin Clearly the author is working all alone w o or with very little assistance so you don t get a lot of gorgeously drawn pages Simple scenes, focusing only on the characters I hope the series becomes popular enough to all Hazuki sensei to hire some assistants to fill in the details I hope Mei and Yamamoto get together eventually This is going to take some time, just like in real life, but they have a shot at a really well grounded romance Can t wait to see it come true.

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    4 5 More of my reviews are available on my blog, Geeky Reading, to which there s a link on my profile This volume shows why this is a mature shojo series, and in the best way This is also when it starts expanding to really show the other characters and their stories.Mei and Yamato are a little shaky, but slowly getting to know each other Mei is very hesitant and embarrassed, but they are still so cute together.We meet a close friend of Yamato s, Kakeru, who does not hit it off well with Mei And then we get to really see why, what his story is, and it has some sex in it, but it also has a very sweet conclusion And then some focus starts to get put on Aiko, the girl who has been giving Mei a hard time or just glaring at her , because she wants Yamato That storyline will be going into the next volume, and I look forward to reading its conclusion as well.And through all of this, we also got to see of Mei growing as a character I do really enjoy meeting the other characters and seeing their happily ever after ish conclusions, but I m also enjoying seeing Mei and Yamato grow As I said, they re adorable together, and Mei is very slowly discovering who she really is as a person, but also who she is as a person in a relationship, along with how to actually be in a relationship She s easily embarrassed, and a little hard to get to know, but also rather honest I like her And Yamato is just adorable.I m really excited for the next volume.

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    My daughter bought this book and she loves it

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    The two characters are really developing, I look forward to continuing this cute story The story in this volume does get adult for those who are concerned or interested in that.

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    This series is absolutely wonderful and worth the read