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epub pdf A 1LDK that comes with a Super-Sadistic Prince Vol.1 (TL Manga): And he made me his personal pet?! (English Edition)Autor Rin Haruse –

Finally, Aoi Is Living On Her Own For The First Time In Her Life But Right After She Moves, She Has Some Trouble With Her Plumbing And Ends Up Flooding The Room Downstairs And The Man Ends Up Barging Into Her Room And Not Only That, It Turns Out That He S A Really Popular Model Named Ren Saeki, Who She S A Huge Fan Of I Can T Sleep In My Room Because Of The Flooding, So I M Going To Live Here For A While And It Turns Out That Ren Is A Super Sadistic Guy Who Has His Way With Her She Doesn T Like It, But She Can T Run Away

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    If this is your first, second, or third TL Shojo manga you need to read a few well written ones before jumping on this ride This author takes blatant advantage of the fact that this is a Shoujo thus giving us all the tropes without doing the proper character building.Did I regret buying it Nope It was a fun ride that needed to be longer but was not steeped in unnecessary drama for the sake of moving the plot which I commend But two volumes would have perhaps made it evolve to than porn without point The epilogue was definitely rushed It s like their editor sat them down and told them to make this story happen is 50 pages or less.Oddly, I have no complaints about the translations.censoring is another matter The censoring in the last two volumes is so heavy in a few places the panel thus the artwork is ruined and rather clumsily done.So if you want a hard hitting story pass If you want something light and quick, go for it

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    Humor and tons of turn on s It is definitely a must read Wish this had an anime version, still this is good

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    Hot little story This review pop up requires you to type way too much Great read before la sexy time Hope my friends can t read this haha