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I Don T Know About The Future I Just Want To Be Proud Of Myself TodaySooyi And Niroo Rest Within The Grand Walls Of Dara City, But Political Forces Threaten To Tear Its Society Apart Princess Sibian Seeks To Reform The Government, But A Decadent High Priest Wishes To Transform The City Into An Oppressive Theocracy That Worships The Water King To Niroo S Shock, Sooyi Takes The Side Of The Priesthood She Knows Her Husband Will Destroy Dara City For Defying Him But, Hidden Away In Sooyi S Family History Lies The Secret Of All The Gods, Their Technology And The Means To Destroy Them Once And For All

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    It was kindle so I received it instantly and the story itself is not bad either in terms of its pace.

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    Love this series Can t wait for Vol.4 on the Kindle

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    I found these first two volumes at our local discount store and immediately after fimishing them in less than a day went to to find the rest It s a beautiful apocalyptic world with art that I just love Every line is simplistic and carefully placed There is a bit of mystery in it as you learn about the world through the heroine s travels It reminds me of other manwhas like Rure and Queen s Knight The only problem I have if you re to this volume it s not a spoiler is the sudden competency of an incompetent character But it s forgivable, because this manwha is sweet, interesting, and develops their world while making you think of your own Great read I recommend it