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LDK Vol. 1 (English Edition) –

Just finished it in one sitting I m a little disappointedokay a lot The story started off very rushed It was too fast paced that you d think maybe it was for a younger audience but it isn t due to themature content it has After reading Orange and Strobe Edge, I guess I ve been spoiled with amazing character development and shocking storylines This manga does have some potential but it just went the wrong way There are the usual cliches The popular, brooding guy who turns down all the girls and the average looking but fierce girl who interests him and falls for her It s just too been there done that I wish we could ve spent time getting to know the charactersrather than being pushed and rushed around the story Maybe I ll give this another read or two but this isn t going to be in my top 5 any soon lol I pulled an all nighter to buy read all of the available English kindle versions This series is THAT good Highly recommend I ve preordered future editions. I really enjoyed this read it was cute and my type of manga, for anyone who doesn t like faster reads this book isn t for you I was done with the book within 30 mins I m a very slow reader btw so for anyone else they would be done in 15 mins I will be buying the next vol cause I liked it so much I want to see what happens next in this vol a lot does happen for such a short read which can be seen as a bad thing I thought hardly anything would happen in the first vol I was wrong, I would pick this up if you like romance manga very cute Very nice, but I don t think I ll continue at least not now It s 23 volumes long, and considering I can read these in one day, it s just too expensive. Love that the male lead isn t all shy and really goes for it 3 LIVING, DINING, KITCHEN LOVE Aoi Nishimori Is A High School Girl Who Lives Alone In Her Own Apartment, But To Her Surprise, She Discovers That The Prince Of Her School, Shusei Kugayama, Has Moved In Next Door To Add To This, A Series Of Crazy Happenings Result In The Two Living Together Under A Single Roof Shusei Is Known To Be A Heartless Guy And Aoi Particularly Hates Him After He Coldly Rejected Her Best Friend, So A Life Of Cohabitation Seems Like A Recipe For Disaster And Yet, Aoi Somehow Can T Stop Her Heart From Pounding When She S With Shusei