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Kostenlos eBook Lifespan: Why We Age - and Why We Don't Have ToAutor David A. Sinclair PhD –

Audio Bonus Includes Exclusive Conversations With The Authors From An Acclaimed Harvard Professor And One Of Time S Most Influential People, This Paradigm Shifting Audiobook Shows How Almost Everything We Think We Know About Aging Is Wrong, Offers A Front Row Seat To The Amazing Global Effort To Slow, Stop, And Reverse Aging, And Calls Listeners To Consider A Future Where Aging Can Be Treated For Decades, Experts Have Believed That We Are At The Mercy Of Our Genes And That Natural Damage To Our Genes The Kind That Inevitably Happens As We Get Older Makes Us Become Sick And Grow Old But What If Everything You Think You Know About Aging Is Wrong What If Aging Is A Disease And That Disease Is Treatable In Lifespan, One Of The World S Foremost Experts On Aging And Genetics Reveals A Groundbreaking New Theory That Will Forever Change The Way We Think About Why We Age And What We Can Do About It Aging Isn T Immutable We Can Have Far Control Over It Than We Realize This Eye Opening And Provocative Work Takes Us To The Front Lines Of Research That Is Pushing The Boundaries On Our Perceived Scientific Limitations, Revealing Incredible Breakthroughs Many From Dr David Sinclair S Own Lab That Demonstrate How We Can Slow Down, Or Even Reverse , The Genetic Clock The Key Is Activating Newly Discovered Vitality Genes The Decedents Of An Ancient Survival Circuit That Is Both The Cause Of Aging And The Key To Reversing It Dr Sinclair Shares The Emerging Technologies And Simple Lifestyle Changes Such As Intermittent Fasting, Cold Exposure, And Exercising With The Right Intensity That Have Been Shown To Help Lead To Longer Lives Lifespan Provides A Road Map For Taking Charge Of Our Own Health Destiny And A Bold New Vision For The Future When Humankind Is Able To Live To Be Years Young PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio

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    Okay, Prof Sinclair macht in Harvard tolle Forschung, und in diesem Buch pr sentiert er einige der Ergebnisse, und zwar f r Laien verst ndlich Wer seine s mtlichen Interviews auf Youtube dieses Jahr 2019 mitverfolgt hat, wird in dem Buch aber kaum etwas finden, dass noch nicht in den Interviews erw hnt wurde Besonders das Interview mit Joe Rogan ist sehr informativ Was kann man tun Intervallfasten, kalt duschen, Sport, ausreichend Schlaf, gutes Stressmanagement und welche Dinge zu sich nehmen Resveratrol, Metformin, NMN und NR, Vitamin D K2 , um l nger gesund zu leben.Trotzdem tut es mir nicht leid, das Buch gekauft zu haben, denn so habe ich die wesentlichen Dinge schriftlich vor mir Er beschreibt, welche Erfolge sie erreicht haben beim Zur ckdrehen des Alters bei M usen und was er von Menschen um sich herum Arbeitskollegen und deren Familien sowie seine eigene Familie an positiven Effekten beobachten konnte Ein gro er Teil des Buchs besch ftigt sich auch mit ethischen Fragestellungen der Langlebigkeit und einem Ausblick, welche Art von Forschung uns zu dem Thema in den n chsten Jahren erwarten k nnte.Dabei schreibt es typisch amerikanisch viel Anekdotisches Pers nliches, viel Humor, viel Gef hl, viel Optimismus Ich habe mehr ber seine Familie erfahren, als ich je wissen wollte Es liest sich sehr sympathisch, aber das, was mich wirklich interessiert hat, h tte auch auf 100 Seiten gepasst.Unklar ist mir immer noch, warum es dieses Buch in 2 verschiedenen Versionen von 2 verschiedenen Verlagen gibt und man es vor dem angeblichen Ver ffentlichungstermin hier bereits kaufen, aber nicht rezensieren konnte.Wer am Thema weiter interessiert ist, schaut auch nach Aubrey de Grey und Gregory Fahy.

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    This is the best book I have knowledge of, published this year The author takes us through a fantastic scientific Journey detailing some aspects of his life and family Its very well written as well as illustrated and the content so interesting and innovative, its a page turner It s a eye opener as it sends a message of hope for humanity in terms of extending a healthy lifespan The author of many of the illustrations is the scientist and Professor David Sinclair himself The audible is also a very very interesting choice, once it s read by the Professor himself The author gives excellent tips on how to optimize health and lifespan now by tweaking lifestyle habits This book contains new state of the heart scientific info on the field of ageing which many scientists do not know yet.

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    Die Studienergebnisse die Professor Sinclair beschreibt k nnten unser zuk nftiges Leben so drastisch ver ndern wie die Entdeckung des Rades oder des Feuers Erstmals scheint es m glich zu sein, die Lebensuhr zur ckzudrehen Faszinierend

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    apart from the lack of real nutrition or knowledge, it outlines the work on NMN molecule that Dr David will always will be remembered for

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    Needless to say, this is a fascinating topic Who does not want to live longer and stay healthy and so attracts a high interest Also As someone who is not scientist, I was able to read the book smoothly and fast and I think this makes the book great also.

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    This book is going to change the world The results of David s research sound incredible, seem unbelievable, incompatible with common sense But for some time now we have been accustomed to facts that are incompatible with common sense through quantum physics The reader will learn about probably the most important substance when it comes to anti aging NMN Nicotinamide Mononucleotide And after reading the book he probably is going to try this substance on his own So there will be a run on this wonder substance which is still very expensive to be produced Of course he will try to find a source for the acquisition of NMN that is affordable And inevitably this will lead him to the Chinese Counterpart of Alibaba My advice for all of them Don t get trapped You will be offered something that s called food grade NMN and this will be rather cheap But it s a fake There is no such thing as food grade NMN Search for Shaanxi OWENS Industry Ltd at trustpilot or just google it followed by the term fraud to find a documentary about the scam with NMN.

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    Couldn t stop reading the book from the minute I ve picked it up A must buy if you are someone who Methylates You will understand what I mean once you read the book.

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    One of the best books I ve ever read Read it It will blow your mind