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[LIVRES] ⚣ The History of Men's Magazines : Volume 1, 1900 to Post-WW II ⚡ Dian Hanson –

Edition In Three Languages English, French, German A Former Men S Magazine Editor Traces The Development Of Sexy, Titillating Periodicals From To Volume Explores The Years Through

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    I am gradually building this set of books, buying nice used ones when I can afford them and just got this one It s typical Taschen quality, very high quality book but done on a peculiar semi matte type paper I imagine this was done because most of the source material for these books was done on poor quality pulp paper to begin with, and reproducing magazine covers and articles done in the thirties on pulp, then trying to reproduce them on high resolution glossy paper wouldn t have worked all that well to begin with Still, it s a very large and hefty book, impressive, and I will continue to build the set of the original books rather than the flimsy small later reprints.As others have said, this particular volume is a little confusing and off the rails It s supposed to deal with prewar magazines pre 1941 by most definitions and about 1 3 of the book contains material from the 1950 s and even the early 1960 s This wasn t necessary as Dian had plenty of source material from the earlier magazines, obviously, and if nothing else, it would ve been much better to see the covers and photos that are relegated to 1 4 page photos reproduced as whole page photos so they could be better appreciated and it would ve filled the book entirely with pre WWII material I have no idea why they jumped around like they did on this one, but there is still a lot of excellent prewar stuff in this one and the postwar stuff included isn t bad either, it s just out of place.I d definitely recommend picking up a copy of this while you still can, these are destined to increase in value and demand.

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    I have just finished the History of Men s Magazines Vol 1 It is done really well Nice comparison of magazines during the time frame between the U.S and France, Germany and England This is the start of Men s magazines in the early 1900 s when magazines start to come out due to cheaper printing costs The book goes through the end of WWII Plenty of pictures of actual magazine covers and some of the insides of the magazines Each chapter features either a time period of a type of magazine that was out during this time The write up gives a good explanation of who was publishing the magazines, who their market was for and what was going on at the time the magazine was being published I am looking forward to continuing the series Nice hard cover volume Will look good on the book shelf.

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    I m a sucker for this series Arrived as promised, thank you.

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    This is a fascinating book about men s magazines It arrived in the scheduled time period and was in good condition for a used book.