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Free books The Infographic History of the WorldAuthor Valentina d' Efilippo –

Very interesting book, would definitely recommend. The Book Is A Delight The EconomistThe History Of The World, But Not As You Know ItA New Type Of History Is Here All Billion Years Of It, Exploded Into A Visually Jaw Dropping Feast Of Facts, Trends And Timelines That Tell You Everything You D Ever Want To Know About The History Of The WorldFrom The Primordial Soup To The Technological Revolution Of The St Century, Interesting Stuff Has Been Going On And Ever Since Prehistoric Man Scratched The First Tally Markings Into A Damp Cave Wall, We Ve Been Counting And Measuring It AllWhich Historic Warriors Conquered The Most Territory, Killed The Most People, Or Had The Largest Empire When Did Everything Evolve Which Languages Are Related To Which What S Been Invented And When Where Are We Being Born, And What Are We Dying Of Which Countries Are Eating All The Food, Causing All The Pollution And Taking All The Drugs A Story Of Civilisation And Barbarism, Of War And Peace, This Is History Done In A New Way A Beautifully Designed Collection Of The Most Insightful And Revealing Trends That Tell Us What The Human Race Has Been Up To, And Where We Re Heading I bought two, one for me and one for a gift.Hours of interesting reading.I lost feeling in my legs once reading this on the bog for so long. If you love statistics, numbers and figures, if you love history and you re a person curious about the world, this is the book for you Absolutely fantastic, I m totally satisfied with it Simple and fun to read. This book is fascinating It brings to life the history of the world with an amazing range of creative and stimulating graphic displays whether its the history of ancient empires or the impact of the credit crunch compared to other financial crises Its a wonderful way to satisfy intellectual curiosity could be a tool for teaching kids or something intriguing for the coffee table It s not Hans Rosling but it s still very good at showing information in captivating ways. I bought this as a gift for my husband who likes infographics as well as interesting facts, ideas and information So, this proved to be a hit It s also nicely presented and designed, a hardcover although soft would be ok too and it s one of those books you can dip in and out of But, it s not superficial at all covering religion, literature, art, space, science, you name it The texts are intelligent and well written, and covers such a huge area that it would appeal to almost anyone However, it was the infographics that caught my eye first and this is a well designed book. Judging by my initial flick through it seems great But the page sizes are too small to be jam packed with this much info, which means the typeface is extremely small, I d estimate 8 9 pitch I can normally read without reading glasses, which I keep for tiny fonts, but I can t read a word of this book without them If your eyes are young that s not an issue, but if you hate struggling with text, you may want to factor this into your purchase.