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Colourful Illustrated Map Of The WorldThis Highly Illustrated Pictorial Map Is Designed To Take Children On A Journey Of Discovery Around The Countries Of The World The Mapping Is Clear, Colourful And Highly Informative And Shows Countries And Capital CitiesStunning Illustrations Are Used To Depict Themes Such As National Emblems, Customs, Food, Birds, Animals, Buildings And Sports To Help Younger Readers Gain An Understanding Of Peoples Around The WorldDimensions Of The Map Mm X MmIllustrated By Steve Evans

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    60cm x 91 cm approx if anyone interested.

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    Packaging it arrived in was flimsy so the map arrived with creases but once inside the frame you could hardly see the faults It is a lovely map for a kids room my four year old was ecstatic when he saw it

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    Wanted to get a world map for our toddler with all the countries capital cities whilst being fun This is a fantastic map with most of the countries listed a couple of the small ones missing but every single capital is on there so you can guess the missing countries the names of the countries wouldn t fit it also has pictures of animals transpot people that relate to that country or ocean Me, my husband our 2yr old sat studying it for a good 30 minutes when we put it up within 24hrs our 2yr old can now point out where we live UK where various members of our extended family live around the world Would highly recommend for preschoolers Only thing is that the UK is not separated by England Scotland Wales N.Ireland only by UK Rep.Ireland which I know is technically correct for a world map, but as a lot of my family are Scottish i would ve loved it to have been seperate but will get a detailed UK European map for that.

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    Bought for my 6 year old son s bedroom by his bed and it s brilliant Every night he asks about places on the maps and the objects or animals that make them famous He really enjoys me teaching him the geography of the world I m no expert I can read the map and then I test him the following day, it s really helping to engage him with the countries, continents and the concept of travelling.Turns out his school uses the same maps in their Year 1 classrooms, so I m in good company Worth your money.

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    This is a nice colourful map with good detailing, covers all the countries but not all islands, and doesn t have the states in America either All the capital cities are marked with a small red box within the countries themselves and some larger countries have other cities marked too.The map is just poster quality, it isn t made on extra strong paper and really should be laminated if you want it to withstand small hands pulling at it We have ours on our playroom wall and it s been useful for introducing our 3 year old to travel and other countries I did quite a bit of research before settling on this map and it is definitely one of the most detailed out there for young kids Worth buying.

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    Good size, nice colours and looks great on my son s bedroom wall The nice artwork means he is already enjoying learning where countries are and their capital cities, although this is pretty much where the educational value ends some countries have relevant accompanying pictures for example a kangaroo over Australia , but the inclusion of sea monsters and mythical characters etc just causes confusion between fiction and reality and is a big negative on an otherwise good product.

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    Bought for my 4 year old son who thought it was great The design is perfect for him to start remembering certain countries and continents It s a good sizeHowever constantly unrolling it and putting on surface does have an impact as you d expect so I would say that if you are planning on mounting on wall it s perfect, but not suitable for something you want to store and use as and when Please vote helpful if this helped you make an informed choice thank you in advance

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    Great map my son s love it so much to look at on it very colourful and nice thickness to the paper It comes rolled up and I would suggest when you try making it flat to hang you be careful and don t try rolling the opposit way as creases I used the rug on the floor by placing the top under it and rolled downwards and put some books on it to flatten and weigh down For a half hour first Hope that makes sense lolI used strong double sided tape to stick to the wall It s really nice x