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[ Prime ] The World of Jeeves: (Jeeves & Wooster)Author P.G. Wodehouse –

A Jeeves And Wooster Omnibus Jeeves Knows His Place, And It Is Between The Covers Of A Book This Is An Omnibus Of Wonderful Jeeves And Wooster Stories, Specially Selected And Introduced By Wodehouse Himself, Who Was Struck By The Size Of His Selection And Described It As Almost The Ideal Paperweight As He Wrote I Find It Curious, Now That I Have Written So Much About Him, To Recall How Softly And Undramatically Jeeves First Entered My Little World Characteristically, He Did Not Thrust Himself Forward On That Occasion, He Spoke Just Two LinesThe First Was Mrs Gregson To See You, Sir The Second Very Good, Sir, Which Suit Will You Wear It Was Only Some Time Later That The Man S Qualities Dawned Upon Me I Still Blush To Think Of The Off Hand Way I Treated Him At Our First EncounterThis Omnibus Contains Carry On, Jeeves, The Inimitable Jeeves, Very Good, Jeeves And The Short Stories Jeeves Makes An Omelette And Jeeves And The Greasy Bird As I read the stories I can hear Jeeves voice aka Stephen Fry and Bertie s voice aka Hugh Laurie in their conversations Although the stories are obviously from an earlier era, they are still enjoyable and good for a laugh as were the TV series in their time Enjoy Most of these stories were written over 80 years ago but the genius of Wodehouse shines through to dazzle us with sparkling characters and shimmering dialogue Enjoy the adventures of self confessed chump Bertie Wooster and his hapless friends as they struggle to navigate the usual pitfalls of love, aunts and financial solvency, ever dependant on the superior brain of Jeeves to get them out of scrapes It s a world I would have loved to inhabit but reading about it is a good substitute. Five stars is not enough Wodehouse is often called the greatest English comic novelist of the twentieth century Surely this should be of any century I can think of no better, and his novels still outsell plenty of authors held in high esteem at the time This is Wodehouse at his best If these stories do not strike you as funny, I fear for your soul. A superb collection of stories to dip into The world of Jeeves and Wooster never fails to amuse, entertain and lift the spirit I am still reading this book mostly at bedtime and enjoying it hugely The turn of phrase is delightful and unique to P.G Wodehouse His style is very suited to short stories and I am pleased to find that I have not read any of them before If you like Jeeves you will like this collection. A life time favourite which I am glad to have on my Kindle The writing is superb and the gentle humour a delight Wodehouse created a wonderfully absurd but entertaining and timeless world for Bertie and Jeeves, The language is evocative Jeeves shimmers into a room the butler entered, a solemn procession of one from the Blandings stories and Jeeves s linguistic convolutions are all part of the fun. Who, once experiencing P G Wodehouse, doesn t love his works especially the Jeeves series of books A real joy to read The words he uses, the beautiful turns of phrase, the sheer escapism of the world he invented an England that didn t really exist, at least not in totality If you haven t read or listened to this before, please do You ll be hooked, I m sure.