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❮Reading❯ ➷ Hand and Mind: What Gestures Reveal about Thought ➯ Author David McNeill –

Understanding the words of this book is only one level of understanding that is necessary to follow McNeill s analyses As a visiting professor one semester, he was the lecturer of one of my graduate classes There is no way to understand McNeill without a very extensive theoretical background McNeill is a creative researcher that grounds his work in observation, analysis, and theory, as well as the mechanics of the mind brain This book is not pop science that anyone can pick up and read like a novel. Using Data From Than Ten Years Of Research, David McNeill Shows That Gestures Do Not Simply Form A Part Of What Is Said And Meant But Have An Impact On Thought Itself Hand And Mind Persuasively Argues That Because Gestures Directly Transfer Mental Images To Visible Forms, Conveying Ideas That Language Cannot Always Express, We Must Examine Language And Gesture Together To Unveil The Operations Of The Mind Reviewer 1 needs to do his homework If everyone who had something to say dumbed downed his writings for the common folk, we d still be in the dark ages If I can read, understand, and appreciate this book, so can anyone else. Yes, this book is a bit difficult, but it s not supposed to be for the lay person It s a very clearly written exposition of over 10 years of psycholinguistic research by Professor McNeill now he might call himself a Cognitive Linguist, I don t know for sure I just couldn t let that one review stand alone because it is so sorely misguided and makes McNeill s work unappealing Today gesture studies is a thriving discipline, and this book is probably THE MOST influential and cited work in the field VERY IMPORTANT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. As to the one bad review of 3 reviews, and I don t say this with animosity, but rather with an understanding of the recondite nature of the writing, would necessarily engender the harangue expounded by the reviewer The erudition obvious in Professor McNeill s writing is comprehensible only by a small majority of the population who ve reached a pinnacle of the mastery of the technically advanced jargon throughout the writing, as well as a mastery of words appropriate to the subject For people who know they are at this level, this is THE level of knowledge they have been looking for There is no better book on this subject This is why the book was awarded Honorable Mention as the Best Psychology Book of 1992 by the Association of American Publishers For people who are not at this level See Sapir Whorf hypothesis , this is a good primer to have a glimpse of an awareness they have never known If one wants to move up to a higher level of awareness, this book is not only well suited for the subject matter discussed, but is also a beginning to expand a person s ability to become aware of the logic and use of words that will improve their schema, provided they are willing to undergo the necessary study of both higher level words, as well as the logic used in the writing. I was very disappointed with this book, I really took a chance because I give weight to rates and reviews but no one had yet rated this book when I bought it.Since I am the first person rating the book, I hate to do this.This book is extremely difficult to understand, many difficult words that are not too often spoken in daily conversation are used so you better keep a dictionary handy The author doesn t give any back ground in the subject of hands movements so you kind of dive right in with his heavy currents of writing so bring your life preserver.Let me put it this way, when the author writes or explains things, he is writing from the assumption this may be an assumption on my part also that you already know about this topic and have been in the field of hand movements for quite sometime If you have no background in this subject and you really want to learn about it, then you are going to have to read VERY s l o w l y, and re read a lot.It took me a week to get past chapter 1 I can finish a book usually in 3 days.This book needs to be rewritten in language that us common folk can understand.