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❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ DK Braille LEGO DUPLO Farm ✎ Author Emma Grange –

Duplo is a fun and easy version of Lego for the very young to play with and many families will have a few blocks hanging around the place These blocks are chunky and have recognisable elements than their older cousin, such as animals and people With this in mind, DK have produced a book that shows clear images of Duplo and tells simple sentences about what is happening on the page Everything is very clean and visual that would appeal well to a toddler just learning to recognise words and characters This is great, but the added value of this DK book is that it is also in Braille Each of the short sentences is rendered in Braille and the images themselves are raised slightly off the page so that you can trace the animal with your finger.What I like about this DK Braille book is that it can be shared between both those that read Braille and those that do not Both audiences are catered for well so it would be an ideal learning book for a mixed class or an adult reading the book with a child who reads Braille you will be able to enjoy it together I do think that some of the sentences used are a little odd and the book is a series of statements The disjointed style is typical of a toddler education book, but DK could have done a little to add a story or just shown a series of images with the name of what it is underneath in both writing and Braille Overall, a book that would be read and enjoyed by most toddlers. A High Quality LEGO DUPLO Book With Braille And Tactile Images For Blind And Partially Sighted Parents And Children To Share With Their Sighted Family Members Produced In Consultation With Braille Experts, This LEGO DUPLO Board Book Explores A LEGO DUPLO Farm With Animals Including Pigs, Ducks, Chickens, Cows, Sheep And Horses It Combines High Contrast Colours With Embossed Images Of The Models For Children To Feel Large Size Text Is Printed Alongside The Braille, Enabling Sighted Children To Share The Bonding Experience Of Reading With Their Visually Impaired Parents, Or For Sighted Parents To Share With Their Visually Impaired Children The LEGO Group Produced By Dorling Kindersley Under Licence From The LEGO Group I m a guide dog puppy walker and speaker, and give talks about guide dogs to youth groups Part off those talks involves setting blindfold tasks for the young people to do, to help them gain an understanding of what it might be like to be blind for example complete a toddler s Jigsaw, identify items in a shopping basket, count it coins etc.This book will sit alongside the write your name in Braille sticky dot exercise to help the children to feel real Braille As a fully sighted adult I find it hard to identify where one letter ends and the next begins.The book is solidly made, and has a nice feel to it The Braille dots are clearly raised My only criticism is that the pictures could be brighter, with contrast, and perhaps some fabric textures would make the book interesting. I got this book for my little Godson He s 19 months old and starting to have proper bedtime stories now that he s old enough to focus and listen for a little while.This book is sturdy enough for that age group basically a hard board book like we used to have as sighted children I like the fact that it s just as appealing for Dan s older sister, who at three likes to share in the bedtime story obviously.I like the early, natural introduction to Braille Some other reviewers mentioned that textures might have been nice, but I m not sure this is a book, and I believe every child should learn how to care for books.Looking forward to products from this publisher as Dan grows. The DK Braille Farm book from Lego Duplo is fantastic It s incredibly simple taking pictures of actual animals and characters from the Duplo range and combining them with a short story For a parent with visual difficulties there is Braille below each sentence and to help show where each picture is, the pictures have a raised outline the sheep even has a bit of texture to its wool For a young child learning their animals, it also provides that extra sensory element as they can feel the outlines too I quite liked how it was written because it does have a bit of a rhyme to it and they ve even added metallic elements e.g a blue metallic mirrored pond for the ducks and a red metallic coat on a horse which is really attention grabbing It also links so well into the farm Duplo so if the child has this set they can match the animals to the book bringing it to life Highly recommended for a young child. One of our small daughter s friends is partially sighted, and we got this for her to read when she comes round to play This book is a really good idea that we hadn t seen before although our daughter s friend s parents had , whereby each page contains braille about the page along with written text , and the brightly coloured pictures of Lego animals, etc, have raised edges so you can trace them with your fingers to work out what they are It s a great idea that means the same book can be enjoyed by sighted and partially sighted children alike Really good. Lovely little braille book Brought with a set of duplo too for my daughter to help understand the pictures and story by feeling the toy at the same time. Great Braille book for children to explore the idea of reading using Braille