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Kids Will Love Poring Over These Wonderful World Maps Full Of Unique And Weird Data This Fact Filled Book Covers Natural, Supernatural, And Man Made Features, From Glowing Animals To Ghosts And The Real Life Inspirations Behind Your Favourite Books And Films What S Weird On Earth Is An Entirely New Atlas Adventure, With Maps Of UFO Sightings, Freaky Flowers, Poisonous Foods, And Every Country Resized According To Population Density Or Its Popularity As A Holiday Destination See How Many Lightning Strikes Hit Parts Of Our Planet, Where Animals Have Invaded, And Even How The World Map Would Look If Global Warming Melted The Ice Caps Or If All The Continents Were Shuffled Into The Pacific Ocean Kids Can Spot The Strangest Features On Every Corner Of The Globe, From Ancient Patterns Carved In The Desert Rock To The , Bath Toys That Sailed The World S Ocean Currents After A Shipwreck Crammed With Stunning D Maps And Fascinating Facts, This Book Presents The Strange Side Of Our Planet As You Ve Never Seen It Before

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    Brought as a book for my Y3 4 5 class to dip into during free reading and has been perfect for this purpose It s the second most popular choice of book the first being Where s the Unicorn and it does tend to be a popular read for the boys than the girls, but it s always being read by someone during free reading.

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    What to get a tween to read This book Lovely to just dip into and read the odd page when takes their fancy

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    Looks so excellent brilliant Thank you

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    My 7 year old boy loves this book so much that he reads it most days and keeps it by his bed He still enjoys over and over again after several months.

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    This is for my grandsons birthday It is a new item and as such have no intention of giving it as a gift as it is clearly damaged I am awaiting a response from anazon

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    This is an absolutely fantastic book for curious kids, and reminds me of nothing so much as the books of mysteries and the unexplained I used to read growing up in the 80s.Totally packed with trivia about weird things from around the world, including everything from UFO sighting hotspots and regional folklore to deadly creatures and legends.Maps are the common theme here, but you won t need an interest in geography to enjoy this lively, colourfully illustrated collection.

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    Another solid hit from Dorling Kindersley We ve got a bunch of these books now Picturepedia, Superbug, What s where on earth etc , and they are fabulous Real quality in terms of the production and presentation, really diverting in terms of the information and ideas Kids with any curiosity or imagination are captivated, and it s fun to read for adults too Educational, expanding, interesting, and not a screen What s not to like The only tiny drawback is that they are too big and hefty to read in bed Other than that, no complaints

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    Well we ve had this a few weeks now and its still being scrutinised by my youngest daughter who has become slightly hypnotised by pouring over the facts, figures and stories inside It has a Ripleys kind of vibe to it those weird and wonderful books that are packed with soooo much info , so this is a good thing Pictures are bright and colourful The text is informative, funny and inviting For those kids that like funny, educational and informative facts and figures perfect.