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[pdf] British Sign Language: Teach Yourself: Book and DVD PackAuthor Paul Redfern –

I used this while doing introduction level at college It was very useful, I was glad I had purchased it I will probably refer to it when I do level 1. The book is exactly what I was looking for, to teach myself BSL It very clearly explains the grammer and facial expressions needed to do BSL and not just the signs The DVD is also very clear and easy to understand Really pleased with this book which arrived very quickly so thank you to the seller. This book covers Level 1 BSL and has no chapter on numbers I found the layout and introductory material on Deaf culture very helpful however I would suggest viewing other material such as the BBC s See Hear programs on iPlayer and BSL Zone if you want to get a better understanding of deaf issues and concerns After reading most of the the book iniitally, I lapsed for a while but I m coming back to it now with a view to making a fresh start The DVD or iPhone downloads at are very useful as static drawings usually cause some confustion although the ones in this book, together with the notation, works well for the most part.I would certainly recommend this book as a starter to BSL Maybe they could do a follow up at Level 2 next Well done Paul Redfern You have done yourself proud This book is brilliant because it is completely different to the other signing books It explains the whys, hows of essential signing because deaf language is very difficult to understand and it shows you how to communicate the correct way I am a teacher for the BSL and I recommend all students to buy this book. Very good book to help me learn sign language to communicate with a friend who does not speak very well as he is on the Autistic Spectrum The DVD is also very good Delivery was fast. So excited about this book I have flicked through it already and read the intro s I am looking forward to learning with it From what I have seen so far it looks great with good explanations and visuals. DVD and book is wonderful and I am learning now Do You Want To Be Able To Understand And Use British Sign Language Confidently All You Need Is This Best Selling Course From Teach Yourself The No Brand In Language Learning Learn Everyday, Useful BSL Through Real Life Situations That Make The Grammar And Vocabulary Easy And Memorable Hundreds Of Line Illustrations Throughout The Book And Constant References To Video Clips On The DVD Make Learning Fast And Fun British Sign Language BSL Is Used In The United Kingdom The Number Of Deaf People In The UK Using BSL Has Been Put At About , There Are In Addition Many Hearing People Who Use BSL To Communicate With Deaf Users Sign Languages Are Not Related To Spoken Languages And BSL Is Completely Different, For Example, From American Sign Language Sign Language Conveys Meaning Through The Use Of Space And Movement Of The Hands, Body, Face And Head We Know That Many Hearing People Are Keen To Learn BSL It Is A Very Popular Evening Class Course, For Example But There Is A Lack Of Good Teaching Materials Written In English For Hearing Learners Of BSL, Which This Course Fills Get Started In British Sign Language Follows The BSL Curricula Taught Currently In Colleges Council For The Advancement Of Communication With Deaf People CACDP And Institute Of BSL And Therefore Will Be Able To Be Used As Support Material By Learners, As Well As Providing A Complete Grounding In The Structure And Grammar Of BSL Why Is This The Best Course On The Market It Is Deaf Led So Often Deaf People Are Not In Charge It Has Deaf Authenticity A Bit Like A Black Person Writing A Book On Black Culture It Has A Deaf Illustrator How Many BSL Books Are Illustrated By A Deaf Person Go On, Check It Has Deaf Authors Yes, Go On And Check Authors, Not Contributors It Has A DVD Which Can Be Downloaded To A Phone, Computer, TV, Laptop The Possibilities Are Endless It S Fun Just Like The Other TY Books The Format Is Clear Lots Of Hand Holding You Never Need To Ask What Does This Mean Only BSL Experts Who Are Deaf Are Used As Authors And Advisers Not Hearing Professors