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Sign Language Made Simple / Karen B. Lewis and Roxanne Henderson ; Illustrations by Michael Brown and Cassio Lynm ; Produced by the Philip Lief Group, Inc. (Made Simple Books (Doubleday)) kindle –

Sign Language Made Simple Will Include Five Parts Part One An Introduction, How To Use This Book, A Brief History Of Signing And An Explanation Of How Signing Is Different From Other Languages, Including Its Use Of Non Manual Markers The Use Of Brow, Mouth, Etc In Signing Part Two Fingerspelling The Signing Alphabet Illustrated, The Relationship Between Signing Alphabet And ASL SignsPart Three Dictionary Of ASL Signs Concrete Nouns, Abstractions, Verbs, Describers, Other Parts Of Speech Approx , Illustrations Will Also Include Instructions For Non Manual Markers, Where AppropriatePart Four Putting It All Together Sentences And Transitions, Includes Rudimentary Sentences And Lines From Poems, Bible Verses, Famous Quotes All Illustrated Also, Grammatical Aspects, Word Endings, TensesPart Five The Humor Of Signing Puns, Word Plays And Jokes Sign Language Made Simple Will Have Over , Illustrations, Be Easy To Use, Fun To Read And Competitively Priced Than The Competition It S A Knockout Addition To The Made Simple List

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    Signs are grouped by subject rather than alphabetical, which can lead to a lot of page flipping There is an index, so I utilize that a lot Helpful hints are given, signs are clear, alternative signs are given where they exist My sign language book was 30 years old, so these signs are updated from that

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    This is a product review for Sign Language Made Simple A Complete Introduction to American Sign Language I bought this book because I have been trying to learn how to sign for two years now and I am always searching for a good book to help me, since I don t have anyone to practice with, after reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try and ordered it With my Prime membership, it took three days to arrive since I ordered it late at night, it arrived in a yellow package and was left inside my mailbox.The book is like a soft cover textbook in size and not heavy At least for me I read it a bit and looked through it, just to compare it a bit with what I know and other books I have tried The introduction was interesting, it talked a bit about the sign language history, I found the alphabet page to be good as well and love the fact that in the back, there is a few quotes and the signs to go with it For me, this book is different from the ones I ve tried before because it not only teaches signing but it also teaches a lot about the deaf culture.Included is a picture I just took of the book, I bought mine used but it still looks fairly new Underneath the book is the package it came in.Any questions, feel free to ask, I ll be happy to answer them as best as I can.

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    My homeschool student and I are learning to sign the basics with this easy to read book It covers letters and numbers, as well as how and where to hold your hands for the best view of the person watching I already know some signing, so it has been easy for me to jump back in and continue My student knew none, and is having it just an easy The book divides words into groupings, like family, school, etc, for easier use Great as a starter text

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    I am trying to teach myself the basics of ASL and this book is pretty handy Some of the illustrations are a little ambiguous and I have to go online to find a video to get it right Does that arrow mean back and forth or left and right is a good example I like the way the book is divided into categories of sign and it has some fun reading about ASL and its idioms that don t directly translate into English.

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    Got this for class Some signs are considered out dated by our instructor Otherwise it is easy to read and understand and made very well.