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Free Audible Patterns In The Mind: Language and Human Nature By . Jackendorf –

If you are new to the domain, and want to get a good dose of linguistic theory, just read Jackendoff s Patterns in the Mind. What Is It About The Human Mind That Accounts For The Fact That We Can Speak And Understand A Language Why Can T Other Creatures Do The Same And What Does This Tell Us About The Rest Of Human Abilities Recent Dramatic Discoveries In Linguistics And Psychology Provide Intriguing Answers To These Age Old Mysteries In This Fascinating Book, Ray Jackendoff Emphasizes The Grammatical Commonalities Across Languages, Both Spoken And Signed, And Discusses The Implications For Our Understanding Of Language Acquisition And Loss Arrived in very good condition. good read I am stuck reading this book for a class And I am very surprised that a professor would use such a self serving book as the text book The terminology used in the books is a misuse of scientific terms for the authors conjectures And the author s imaginary critic that he pose in the the book offers no real criticisms of the theories and is just used as an idiotic foil to make the author seem like he has all of the answers This book offers a lot of guesses with nothing substantial to back them up. PItM is a very interesting read a survey of linguistic, or perhaps properly neuro linguistic, thinking a decade or so ago Since then, considerable advances have been made in the neurosciences, yet we are no closer to answering the fundamental questions Jackendorf poses about how and where, precisely, the brain does language PItM is, thus, no less compelling today for the passage of years since its publication For anyone seeking a brief and easygoing introduction to the field, this is as fine a place as any to start.