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The Perfect Guide To Signing For Everyone Never Before Has Learning To Sign Been So Simple And So Much Fun Whether You Are A Teacher Or A Parent, This Lively Self Guided Book Of American Sign Language ASL Will Quickly Become Your Kids New Favorite Teacher Learn To Sign The Fun Way Goes Beyond The Manual Alphabet And Teaches The Beautiful Language Of Sign The United States Fourth Most Pervasive Language In A Simple, Interactive Format Signers To Be Will Discover Great Games To Make Learning ASL An Entertaining Adventure Activities For Both The Individual And The Classroom Cool Groups Of Signs That Appeal Esspecially To Kids And Much Kids Love To Sign, Whether It Be To Communicate With A Hearing Impaired Individual Or As A Secret Language With Their Friends With This Illustrated Book They Ll Quickly And Easily Become Signing Superstars Inside Are Cool Signs For Kids, Including People Signs Alphabet And Numbers Animals Food And Drinks Home Signs Clothing Color Sports Activity Signs Thoughts And Feelings Action Signs Body Parts School Talk Calendar Signs Silly And Fun Signs

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    I cannot say enough good about this book I have been learning sign for about a year to be able to sign with a deaf relative I get frustrated sifting through all of the resources that are made available only to find that the majority of the signs included are outdated Some deafies become impatient and will walk away if you can t keep up with the current signs This book has current signs and is extremely easy to read and is easy to follow and learn with I bought it for my 8 year old son who showed interest in signing as he watches me learn and sign with our deaf relative I find myself having fun going through the book with my son and having fun reading and teaching him with this book I recommend this book to anyone who wants to start learning or has learned and wants a refresher It s the best one I have found yet I did a rough count but there s probably about 275 signs or in this book There s a lot of deaf culture and ASL not pidgin or signed English All I can say is buy this book

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    I m a deaf educator and bought this book for the games and activities in the back of the book to play with my deaf kids and our ASL club mostly hearing kids It s awesome It teaches basic sign and the kids have a blast with the games.

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    Having already studied ASL, I thought this book would be a good way to review, but due to the page layout, I could tell how confusing it would be for a novice On nearly every bottom of the page of definitions, the sign appears, but the description is on the next page And it s unclear if definitions refer to the sign above, or the sign below If you re totally ignorant of ASL, this will be very confusing And, at least according to MY teachers, some of the signs are incorrect That may be regional, bit I doubt it For myself, it was a waste of money, although it IS inexpensive I would recommend purchasing the book THE JOY OF SIGNING as a much, much better of introducing yourself to ASL Also, needed to

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    I purchased book for my 13 year old child, as he felt bad for someone at school who was being bullied, and he didn t know how to communicate He s been reading along with other 2 books purchased He s gotten interested in learning along with his friends It s got the kids on a roll I would recommend it to anyone Just to even have laying around Once a child picks it up. it will make them want to learn and be better civil servants Thank you.

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    Fun Signs are easy to learn and divided into categories numbers, colors, etc at end of book are game ideas End of each chapter has ideas for practicing what you ve just learned