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❮PDF❯ ✮ Signs of Health: A Pocket Medical Sign Language Guide ❤ Author Cath Smith –

perfect for those planning to work in the hospital services. Deaf People Can Be At Grave Risk In Health Care And Medical Settings Because Their Communication Needs Are Not Being Met A Survey In February By The Royal National Institute For Deaf People Found That Deaf People Are Seriously At Risk In Medical Settings Because Of Communication Barriers This Is A Much Needed Book To Help Overcome These Barriers And Improve Communication Presented With Clear Illustrations And Descriptions, In An Easy To Read Format, It Is Immediately Accessible, Offering The Support And Encouragement Learners Need It Is Designed To Be Useful For Contact With All Deaf People, Sign Language Users In Particular, And Is An Excellent Source Of Information To All Students Of The Language In Addition To The Illustrated Sign Dictionary Section Which Gives Core Vocabulary For Everyday Words Signs, As Well As Specialised Signs, A Defining Feature Of The Book Is The DIY Section Which Explains With Great Clarity, How Classifying Handshapes Can Be Used To Describe Medical Procedures Equipment, Along With A , Word Index And Useful AddressesThe Introduction Offers A Wealth Of Background Information That Assumes No Prior Knowledge Of The Subject The Book Provides An Excellent Source Of Information For Deaf Awareness And BSL Classes For Students, Tutors, Families, Communicators, Social Workers And Teachers Pages, Approximately X Paperback, Published By Co Sign Communications, Stockton On Tees, No e simple signs and pictures Great product Kindle Version This book has been dropped into Kindle with no additional work It would benefit from electronic index and splitting the images out into one sign per image and thus one sign per kindle page Doesnt work well as a reference book in Kindle.The book As a first aider this usefull little addition to my BSL library. This should be issued to all health professionals Even if they don t learn to sign the patient can point to the picture to expalin what s wrong. I was hoping that this would contain basic medical terms you know, asthma and the likes but really, there s not a lot in this that isn t in the main dictionary. A simple little reference that explains some of the basic principles of communicating with the deaf, adds in a small number of signs focused around medical situations as one would expect not enough to explain medical situations, but enough to say things like, Stethoscope, check, heart and getting some general gists across.Has an interesting DIY sign explanation at the back, short and sweet giving some basic principles of making up your own signs in such a way that they might be understood All in all fit for purpose, and small enough for a shirt or pants pocket.