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Free Prime Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography WonksAuthor Ken Jennings –

Record SettingJeopardychampion And New York Times Bestselling Author Of Planet Funny Ken Jennings Explores The World Of Maps And Map Obsessives, A Literary Gem The Atlantic Ken Jennings Takes Readers On A World Tour Of Geogeeks From The London Map Fair To The Bowels Of The Library Of Congress, From The Prepubescent Geniuses At The National Geographic Bee To The Computer Programmers At Google Earth Each Chapter Delves Into A Different Aspect Of Map Culture Highpointing, Geocaching, Road Atlas Rallying, Even The Unreal Estate Charted On The Maps Of Fiction And Fantasy Jennings Also Considers The Ways In Which Cartography Has Shaped Our History, Suggesting That The Impulse To Make And Read Maps Is As Relevant Today As It Has Ever Been From The Here Be Dragons Parchment Maps Of The Age Of Discovery To The Spinning Globes Of Grade School To The Postmodern Revolution Of Digital Maps And GPS, Maphead Is Filled With Intriguing Details, Engaging Anecdotes, And Enlightening Analysis If You Re An Inveterate Map Lover Yourself Or Even If You Re Among The Cartographically Clueless Who Can Get Lost In A Supermarket Let Ken Jennings Be Your Guide To The Strange World Of Mapheads

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    Picked this up from a Bill Bryson book I read and as I had a big reading list it was some time before I got to it I really enjoyed it, though you would have to have some interest in the subject to get a lot of pleasure from it The way the book develops is great and makes sense and if there is a subject that is not of interest to you it would be easy to miss out that chapter and go back to it later A good buy.

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    Entertaining book, can recommend for map lovers.But the International date line doesn t pass through the Aleutians, it takes a wide swing to avoid them

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    I love it but I am still reading it

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    Great little book if you are interested in maps wide ranging and informative.

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    Great reading

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    If you re not very much into maps, but would like to get a glimpse of that world, you can t go wrong with Maphead.

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    Quite fascinating stuff

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    Bought as a gift and the recipient was very happy , this is normally over 20 in book shops so for just over 10 it was a bargain Can t say much about the content as it was bought for someone else