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[ eBook ] Learn American Sign LanguageAuthor James W. Guido –

Learn American Sign Language Quickly And Easily With Up To Signs With This Fun And Informative Learning Guide, You Ll Master American Sign Language In No Time For Anyone Looking For A Basic Introduction To ASL, You Ll Be Able To Follow Easy Step By Step Instructions, Illustrated With Photos Showing The Face And Upper Body Where Many Inflections Are Needed For Signing Learn To Sign Important Words Such As Feelings, Actions And Hundreds Of Signs Are Found Inside Learn American Sign Language Professer Of ASL James W Guido Will Guide You Through Signing Commonly Used Words Like People Signs Pronouns And Question Signs Animal Signs Time Signs Courtesy Signs School Signs Color Signs Weather Signs Descriptive Signs Food And Drink Signs Occupation Signs Negation Signs Money Signs Clothes Signs Building Signs Transportation Signs Sports Signs Nature Signs Medical Signs Travel Signs Additionally, You Ll Discover Instructions For Finger Spelling, Numbers, Inflections, Hand Shapes My aunt teaches ASL and suggested something along the lines of a dictionary type book when I mentioned wanting to teach my son some signs to communicate before he can speak While this book is not alphabetized like a dictionary, it s divided into various sections, alphabet, numbers, basics, days and times, friends and family, etc There s a glossary in the back linking words to pages, making quick word look up an ease but I ve noticed some words that I feel are basic are not included, such as morning They have all day, all night, tonight, yesterday, day, the days of the week, but not morning So when looking for some phrases such as good morning, you ll have to do a little improvising, such as good day, etc But it can all be pieced together for the most part Some signs got confusing lack of description, some arrows on the signs weren t specific enough and I had to refer to a YouTube video to see how it was signed.One thing I really like is the intro, it s short but packed full of confidence building suggestions and recommendations for learning and practicing ASL.So happy I went with this over a baby sign book After searching for a while to find the best ASL learning book, I chose this one And I m glad I did It has a very large vocabulary with clear signs and helpful tips It teaches you about the order of words and facial expressions which are also vital to sign language Highly reccomend Also has a VERY helpful index at the back to find words quicker I bought two copies, one to give to the KSU library Kennesaw State University and one for me so I can learn to better communicate with my nephew This book s format with clear pictures and descriptions is a great help for someone learning ASL Just a little nuance can change the meaning of the sign and this book points that out Great book Fantastic I bought this book to help teach myself some sign language to help me communicate better with a friend of mine, and it has been an incredible resource The pictures are clear and the amount of signs his pretty comprehensive for a beginner like me It also taught me a lot about the structure of American Sign Language that I had never thought about Communication with my friend is already better than ever, and I look forward to studying this book even. This book is incredible I m a paramedic and needed assistance with communicating with the deaf community and this book helped like no other If you need a crash course in ASL, this book is for you Absolutely recommended for anyone in the medical field I carry this book with me every night I go to work. Just be careful its ASL you re ordering not BSL.