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A Sign Language Guide Will Help Kids Learn To Sign Easily And Effectively Kids Are Extremely Receptive To New Languages And Signing Is No Exception Pictures And Diagrams In The Study Guide Will Help Kids Learn Proper Finger Placement When Forming Signs This Will Help Communication Flow Easily Having A Study Guide Will Be Empowering For Kids As They Can Learn On Their Own And At Their Own Pace

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    Another book I bought because I was on a course to learn BSL A great reference to the basic signing it helped with my course.

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    Very disappointed at the price 5.99 if I new was like this would could have got free from sign language school or bought for 1.99 but 5.99 not worth it

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    Just glad this was very cheap get what you pay for definitely the case in this book Waste of time buying

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    Just what I wanted basic

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    Not BSL don t waste your money unless you want ASL

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    Brief but useful easy to interperate Bought this to help me communicate with a deaf friend and I m getting there slowly.

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    At only four pages of the most basic signs, this product is no where near worth the money Do yourself a favour, look a FREE online sign language guide, print off the pages and enjoy, because that is pretty much what you are paying someone to do for you.