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[[ Download pdf ]] LET'S SIGN SCIENCE BSL Vocabulary for Key Stage 1, 2 & 3 (LET'S SIGN BSL)Author Cath Smith –

Illustrated British Sign Language BSL Vocabulary To Support The National Curriculum Programme Of Study For ScienceThe Illustrated Signs In Alphabetical Order Include Approximately Topic Specific And General Signs To Provide Examples From The Everyday Environment For The Main Concepts In The Schemes Of Work And Units For Key Stage And Together With Thetechnical Terms Required For Key Stage BSL Is Used In The Education Of Deaf Children And Also Forms The Basis Of Sign Systems Such As Makaton And Signalong Used In The Field Of Special Educational Needs SEN For Children And Adults With Learning Disability, Autism And Down Syndrome And Specific Speech And Language NeedsAll Of The Signs Contained Are Also Available As SIGN WRITE SCIENCE BSL Graphics Pack On Annual Licence Published By Widgit Software And Provide Line Drawings And Colour Versions For Creating Your Own Materials See WidgitThe Vocabulary Includes A Good Basic Core Vocabulary For The Ideas And Concepts Involved In This Wide Subject Area Covering Biology, Chemistry And Physics Included Are Signs To Encourage Awareness Of Global Issues And Climate ChangeExplanation Of Sign Formations And Index Of Entries, Provides A Useful Reference For All Those Who Use Sign Language To Teach And Learn This Important Curriculum SubjectThe Topic Is Supported By The LET S SIGN BSL Series Of Materials And Resources That Can Be Viewed On DeafBooks Including A Selection Of Useful Free Downloads

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