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[BOOKS] ⚦ DESCRIBING PEOPLE in British Sign Language (BSL) (LET'S SIGN BSL) ✰ Cath Smith –

A Warts And All Collection Of Illustrated Signs With Written Descriptions In Flashcard Format For Families And Learners In Contact With The Deaf Community And A Helpful Reference For Families And Carers Of Adults And Children With Learning Disability Who Use BSL Sign Vocabulary In Their Communication And To Access Their EducationA Useful Support For BSL Courses With Alternative Versions Of Some Signs Where Appropriate Physical Characteristics Provide A Succinct And Visual Point Of Reference When Identifying Individuals In The British Sign Language BSL Using Community That Illustrate Alternative Perspectives And Sensibilities That Define Its CultureIn Addition, There Are Many Situations That Call Upon Our Ability To Describe And Identify People And This Publication Contains An Illustrated Collection Of Examples For Easy Reference For Revision Of Signs Learned In Class Or Seen Used In The CommunityIncludes Distinguishing Facial Characteristics, Hair Styles And Colour, Body Types, Age Groups And MuchAlso Included Are Left And Right Handed Fingerspelling Alphabets And BSL Handshape Key, Clear Communication Guidelines For Beginners, Useful Contacts And Resources And A Full IndexSupported By The Let S Sign BSL Materials And Resources, See DeafBooks