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[[ pdf ]] Reading Between the Signs: Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters - Understanding differences between the hearing and the DeafAuthor Anna Mindess –

In Reading Between The Signs, Anna Mindess Provides A Perspective On A Culture That Is Not Widely Understood American Deaf Culture With The Collaboration Of Three Distinguished Deaf Consultants, Mindess Explores The Implications Of Cultural Differences At The Intersection Of The Deaf And Hearing Worlds Used In Sign Language Interpreter Training Programs Worldwide, Reading Between The Signs Is A Resource For Students, Working Interpreters And Other Professionals This Important New Edition Retains Practical Techniques That Enable Interpreters To Effectively Communicate Their Consumers Intent, While Its Timely Discussion Of The Interpreter S Role Is Broadened In A Cultural Context NEW TO THIS EDITION New Chapter Explores The Changing Landscape Of The Interpreting Field And Discusses The Concepts Of Deafhood And Deaf Heart An New Examination Of The Use Of Deaf Interpreters Pays Respect To Our Roots, Details Specific Techniques And Describes The Benefits Of Working Together

9 thoughts on “Reading Between the Signs: Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters - Understanding differences between the hearing and the Deaf

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    Part of my homework reading Great book for Interpreter knowledge.

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    Amazing book to read and great understanding High recommended.

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    Brilliant book Highly recommend it

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    although this book is written from an American perspective it is highly relevant to BSL interpreters and well worth a read.

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    Anna Mindness does a fantastic job with this book There are plenty of resources for both interpreting and ASL students I truly enjoyed all the wealth of knowledge that she shared with her readers and I learned about the Deaf community members.

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    Listen up ITP trainers Reading Between the Signs is a true gem and should be required reading for all students in Interpreter Training Programs nationwide.Mindess and her publisher s copy editors possess the requisite skills to render a typographically error free book with pleasing margins and fonts, unlike Alcorn and Humphrey s So You Want to Be an Interpreter, a required text of many ITPs.Unlike Alcorn and Humphrey, who dutifully introduce and briefly discuss cross cultural differences and how they influence sign language interpreting, Mindess thoughtfully and thoroughly takes the reader on an extended journey with deep, eye opening analysis and a plethora of real world examples that interpreters encounter every day It s easy to understand the content with so many supporting examples of it throughout the text.Like an engaging movie, play, or book that requires the moviegoer, theatergoer, or reader to use his her critical thinking skills and comparisons to one s own experiences to what s he experiences in that particular media, Mindess book goes by quickly, because the content is so well developed and on point.I found this book quite by accident It was on a reading list of an online course I took to prepare for the NIC Knowledge Exam I found it to be extraordinarily helpful in filling in the gaps I had regarding cross cultural communication between the hearing and Deaf communities It answered a lot of questions I had and I felt much better having read it before taking the NIC Knowledge Exam which I successfully passed.A must have on your professional bookshelf

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    I had to read this book for my interpreting license As a whole the book was very long and drawn out It was also somewhat confusing as it continually switched back and forth to the now requirements and the past desired attitude toward interpreters.It was however informative and yes I would recommend it to another sign language interpreter.

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    This book entitled Reading Between the Signs Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters 2nd edition is the most indepth study of cultural mediation that I have ever seen Anna Mindness does a wonderjul job of helping an interpreter to see where communication barriers exist, and then explain how to bridge those gaps Why are cultures different What is cultural mediation How do you convey a message between conflicting cultures What tools can effective interpreters use to empower the clients we serve toward better communication when obstacles exist After reading this book, I found myself making adjustments in interpreting, and was able to see positive results in terms of faithfully communicating source language messages to the recipients If one reads this book, and applies the principles learned toward their work, it will assist in making them a better interpreter, and ultimately a better communicator between cultures I highly recommend this book to others and express my thanks to the author for putting the elements of intercultural communication together in one great volume.

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    This book is very much interesting.