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This Book Takes A Dramatically Original Approach To The History Of Humanity, Using Objects Which Previous Civilisations Have Left Behind Them, Often Accidentally, As Prisms Through Which We Can Explore Past Worlds And The Lives Of The Men And Women Who Lived In Them The Book S Range Is Enormous It Begins With One Of The Earliest Surviving Objects Made By Human Hands, A Chopping Tool From The Olduvai Gorge In Africa, And Ends With An Object From The St Century Which Represents The World We Live In Today Neil MacGregor S Aim Is Not Simply To Describe These Remarkable Things, But To Show Us Their Significance How A Stone Pillar Tells Us About A Great Indian Emperor Preaching Tolerance To His People, How Spanish Pieces Of Eight Tell Us About The Beginning Of A Global Currency Or How An Early Victorian Tea Set Tells Us About The Impact Of Empire Each Chapter Immerses The Reader In A Past Civilisation Accompanied By An Exceptionally Well Informed Guide Seen Through This Lens, History Is A Kaleidoscope Shifting, Interconnected, Constantly Surprising, And Shaping Our World Today In Ways That Most Of Us Have Never Imagined An Intellectual And Visual Feast, It Is One Of The Most Engrossing And Unusual History Books Published In Years

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    Originally this book started out as a project for BBC Radio 4 with four years in the planning, and a host of experts to help him, Neil MacGregor has created a really special collection of top artefacts, all of which can be found at the British Museum The series has been described as a project charting the history of humanity, and after having read the book it comes as no surprise that it has won awards and bursaries for the museum, at which MacGregor was the Director for 13 years.Each object gets about five pages each, so the chapters are a bite size insight into each era of history that the object relates to Remember that this project started as a radio series, and so each week they would have different guests on the show, experts in the fields that each item relates to in the book there are little snippets of what each guest had to say.Whilst the book might be a bit too heavy and full on to read in one go, it s one of those books you can dip in and out of, and the chapters are short and punchy which makes it all the easier.This book is a must for anyone who considers themselves a history enthusiast, no matter what period of history interests you One of the cleverest things about the book is how it connects each epoch When you think about the Romans, or Greeks, or Egyptians, you don t necessarily know how time transitioned from one to the other, but this book covers the in between phases too.I would also recommend this book to anyone who has interests in social sciences, philosophy, and politics too This book is invaluable in giving an objective view of the world s history as we know it If you want to understand how and why we are the way we are, then you need to know where we came from, and this history connects all of us.Not only does this book fill in the blanks between dynasties and eras, but all of the objects are to be found in the British Museum It really brings each artefact to life, instead of just reading the two lines next to each artefact which never truly does it justice.I d recommend reading the book, highlighting the chapters items you want to see, and take the book with you on a visit to the British Museum Don t be surprised if you find people following you, having a book in your hand and looking determined like you know where you re going usually makes an impression on other visitors.

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    I was just a bit reticent about downloading this book I was not familiar with the radio series and my preference has always been for narrative chronological history an unfolding story So I was slightly put off by the idea of a collection of essays surrounding various objects Again, some reviews seemed to speak of the poor quality of the illustrations in the printed version No worries Each essay, though centered on the particular object, broadens out and often its scope covers all history, making points and drawing comparisons and contrasts with various aspects of all civilisation Really good, really interesting And as far as the illustrations are concerned, they are sharp HD and are presented well on my Kindle An excellent book Thank you.

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    I actually bought this book for my husband, not thinking it would interest me at all Yet, being a lover of books I had to have a sneaky in and ended up reading, and thoroughly enjoying, the entire book This was a fascinating read which had me interested in subjects I d never cared to read or learn about before, which is my signal to an altogether phenomenal recipe for a great book Riveting I highly recommend it Go on, read it

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    I recently visited the British Museum after having read this book Finding the items covered and seeing them for the first time for real, was like meeting old friends Afterwards I bought the book the Museum sells Masterpieces of the British Museum If you compare it to A History , you find an overlap in topics covered, but the two are entirely different approaches Whereas the museum guide gives you per page one clear illustration plus half a page of accompanying text, in A History you get 4 to 5 pages text with two photographs I read quite a few comments on the photographs not being good enough to do this book credit I disagree on this the quality is OK Besides, the book is based on a radio series, and the photographs are certainly not the most important part of the book A History is just what it is each object is described and put in a broader context as the starting point for telling a piece of world history This book is as much an educative masterpiece as the 100 objects it covers

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    This is a delightful book to accompany the series I agree with reviewers that I might have liked better illustration, but words like dismal are very out of place For the size and cost of the volume, it all works for me.The book, like the series, puts history in a human context, not a series of dates of kings and battles, but bringing peopleand societies from the past to life, and as such buys much involvement from the audience That, to me, is why the project is so important engagement with people, not dry academia This remains a part of my bookshelf as long as I have one, or maybe until I can trust and cope with an e book format I guess a mulimedia experience for this text, podcasts and 360 degree illustrations will come.It is because of this brilliant educational capability that I truly love Radio 4 one can forgive the blatant socialist bias of much of the current arrairs and light entertainment and some factual programmes because every few years they come up with a gem like this a real contribution to our collective education an achievement that ranks with the best that broadcast media has ever offered The Descent of Man The World At War Life on Earth This Sceptred Isle AHOW is up there with the very best.