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download books The Linguistics of British Sign Language: An Introduction eBook: Rachel Sutton-Spence, Bencie Woll: Kindle Store –

This Is The First Detailed Explanation Of The Way British Sign Language Works And Is The Product Of Many Years Experience Of Research And Teaching Sign Linguistics To Deaf And Hearing People It Assumes No Previous Knowledge Of Linguistics Or Sign Language, And Is Not Structured Around Traditional Headings Such As Phonology, Morphology And Syntax Instead It Is Set Out In Such A Way As To Help Learners And Their Teachers Understand The Linguistic Principles Behind The Language There Are Sections On BSL Grammar And Also On The Use Of BSL, Including Social Acceptability In Signing, Variation, And Poetry And Humour In BSL Technical Terms And Linguistic Jargon Are Kept To A Minimum, And The Text Contains Many Examples From English, BSL, And Other Spoken And Sign Languages The Book Is Amply Illustrated And Contains Exercises, As Well As A Reading List For Further Study An Accompanying Minute DVD Is Available From Talk With Sign Books To Find Out , Visit Excellent book which gives a clear insight into the construction and use of British Sign Language The first few pages are difficult and I had to read them slowly in order to understand how various abbreviations and symbols were to be used during the book However, one I d got through that I found the book interesting and well written I would say this book is suitable for level 3 BSL learners. I didn t find this book very helpful There aren t many pictures and it s just a lot of literature that I don t think I needed to know Interesting read, but a bit heavy going I feel Most suitable for learning BSL at a higher level Helpful for understanding syntax.