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[Prime] The Most Endangered Animals in the World (All About Animals)Author Tammy Gagne –

All Endangered Animals Risk Extinction, But Some Are Closer To The Brink Of Dying Out Than Others Give Readers The Details About The World S Most Endangered Animals , Including Their Ranges, Habitats, Appearances, And Behaviors Reasons Are Given For Why The Animals Are Dying Out, As Well As Actions People Are Taking To Save These Amazing Animals Before It S Too Late Large, Colorful Photos Entice Young Readers While Fact Boxes Support The Text

5 thoughts on “The Most Endangered Animals in the World (All About Animals)

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    Disappointing considering the cost.

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    This book was a great read aloud, but you should preread it as some pages May not be suitable for sensitive children.

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    Detail and information is great My daughter is loving learning about them.

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    Good little paperback book.

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    Very cute book My five year old loves to read it and inform all her friends about what she s learned